4 Must-Have Instagram Messaging SMS Templates

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Instagram Messaging helps you connect with your customers right when they’re the most engaged with your product or service. SMS templates help you respond to them quickly.

How Does Instagram Messaging Work with SMS Templates?

The best way to use Instagram business messaging is to integrate it into your business SMS platform. This way, all of your customers’ messages, no matter whether they’re from Instagram or native SMS, will arrive in a central shared inbox

SMS templates are a feature of business SMS platforms. They’re texts that you can use over and over. They can help you reply to customers quickly, and even automate certain responses. 

Let’s dive into four SMS templates your team needs for Instagram business messaging. Since Instagram discourages reaching out to customers unless they’ve directly reached out first, these are all response templates for inbound lead and customer queries. 

During-Hours and After-Hours Auto Replies

No matter which channel customers use to reach out, you should have a uniform automated response. We recommend that you have two: one for your business hours and one for after business hours. Your during-hours auto reply can let customers know your expected response time, while your after-hours auto reply can let them know your business hours. Don’t forget to include a team member signature or business introduction in your SMS templates:

Hi there, and welcome to Steampunk Electronic Accessories! A customer service team member will reply in a few minutes. 

Hiya, this is Angie, the mastermind behind FirstWay Pottery’s Insta account. I’ll be with you in about 5 minutes. ✨

Hello, thanks for reaching out to Timeless Jewelry. Our business hours are 10am-6pm PST. We’ll reply as soon as we’re back!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to receive some familiar FAQs through Instagram business messaging. Automate the answers to these questions based on keywords and phrases, but be sure to include an open-ended follow-up question. If customers respond to the follow-up question, they’ll be routed to your shared inbox so you or a team member can handle their additional queries. This is a great opportunity to show customers that you want them to leave fully satisfied, so don’t be afraid to let them know you care:

Our business hours are 8am-3pm, and we’re open every day. Have more questions before you come in for a cuppa?

We are closed on Thanksgiving. But we’re open at 7am on Black Friday, so we hope to see you then for a bit of retail therapy! 

We offer two Sunset Massage packages: 60 minutes for $100 and 120 minutes for $150. Let me know if you’re interested in booking one! We can do that over Instagram any time, and I can send you a confirmation text or email if you’d like. 

Behind-the-Scenes Queries

Instagram is an interesting channel because users tend to have industry-related questions. They may even wonder about your photography methods or your team background. These behind-the-scenes questions will increase the more Stories you create. Stories are casual photos or videos that customers can reply to easily. Be sure to retain that casual feel in your responses:

Hi there, {{name}}, and thank you so much! We use an Olympus PEN E-PL10 for all of our photos. Cute, huh? 😍

Hiya {{name}}! Yep, that’s our whole office! There are 30 of us total, but most of our team works from home. 

Hello, {{name}}, and thanks for the question! Our team does have catered lunches. Are you interested in applying for one of our open roles? We’re hiring! 

Customer Service Queries

You will get some customer service queries through Instagram. While your responses will look much the same as they would through any other channel, there will be a few differences. For one, you may want to mention that you can follow up through another channel. As always, your SMS templates should also provide accurate responses:

Hello there, {{customer name}}, I’m so sorry your package hasn’t arrived yet! Can I have your order number? 

Hi, Jeannette here with customer service. You can email us at returns@gemstoneconfidential.com or you can start a return right now with me! Let me know what you’d prefer. 

Hi {{customer name}}, I’m happy to let you know when your return arrives. Would you like me to reach out to you through Instagram or would you prefer to give me your SMS number or email? 


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