How Business SMS Improves eCommerce Returns for Customers

eCommerce returns

Online shopping has exploded due to one key factor: convenience. But one part of the online shopping process that’s not always convenient? eCommerce returns. 

eCommerce companies often forget to offer the same customer service they provide with orders. eCommerce businesses skip comprehensive returns assistance, returns status updates, and post-returns follow-up. eCommerce returns are so often troublesome that 92% of consumers say that they will buy again from a company whose returns process is easy. 

But eCommerce return management can be improved with the help of a business SMS platform. Business SMS platforms help eCommerce teams send, receive, and organize masses of customer messages. They make it easier for companies to connect with customers throughout the eCommerce returns process, improving the overall customer experience and encouraging them to purchase from your brand in the future.

Ready to improve your eCommerce returns process for customers? Let’s dive in. 

Streamline eCommerce Returns Assistance 

No matter how great your product is, some customers will want to return it. Maybe the fit of your clothes doesn’t quite work for some body shapes. Maybe your home decor isn’t the perfect shade of red for a living room. Regardless of the cause, some people will want to return your product, and it’s your job to make the process easier for them. That way, they’ll feel confident about ordering from your business in the future.

While many eCommerce businesses offer returns assistance by phone call or email, these communication channels are not convenient for busy customers. You should still offer these channels for those customers who like traditional methods of communication, but many customers prefer to handle eCommerce product returns process quickly through messaging.

If your company uses a business SMS platform, customers can write in from any messaging app (native, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) and reach your central shared inbox. Your permissioned team members can see each incoming message, so no returns queries slip through the cracks.

Advanced business SMS platforms can even identify specific keywords and send auto-responses. Auto-responses can be useful for after-hours or during-hours replies, but they can also take over the initial steps in eCommerce return management. For example, an eCommerce returns automation might read like this:

Customer: Hi, can I start a return here? 

Automation: Yes! Do you have your order number on hand?

Once the customer replies, a customer service agent can take over and assist the customer with next steps. 

Send eCommerce Returns Notifications 

Many eCommerce businesses send order notifications, letting customers know when their orders are shipped, in transit, and delivered. Unfortunately, eCommerce businesses often limit returns notifications. This leads customers to worry about whether their eCommerce returns arrived or not. Customer texting on phone

To reassure your customers that their returns are in good hands, your team should send multiple texts throughout the returns process. At the very least, your team should send customers a quick text as soon as you receive their returns. Ninety percent of texts are read within the first three seconds of receipt, so you can reassure your customers as soon as you receive their eCommerce return.

To improve eCommerce returns notifications further, you can integrate your eCommerce platform with your business SMS platform. With an additional automation, your business SMS platform can automatically send confirmation texts once a customer return is logged in your eCommerce platform. As each text is sent, the platform can personalize it with merge tokens that draw on customers’ custom fields. An eCommerce return notification template with room for custom fields might look like this:

Hi there, {{customer name}}, Samantha’s Vintage here. Your {{exchange or return}} #{{return number}} has arrived at our warehouse. Please expect a refund in 5 business days, or an exchange shipping notification in 3-5 business days. 

You may also want to consider sending automated messages once your business receives confirmation of a package in the mail or a confirmed refund. These small touches go a long way to improving the customer experience. 

Follow Up with Customers

Customers return items all the time. It’s up to your eCommerce business to let customers know that you’re interested in the customer experience—and not just the money you receive from a sale. To ensure customers know that it’s their experience that matters, not your profit, ask for their feedback on the eCommerce product returns process. 

While you can send feedback requests through email, only 20% of emails are opened and only 4.2% of people click email links. On the other hand, 98% of texts are opened, and 19% of people click links in texts. When you send feedback requests through business SMS, customers are more likely to see (and complete) your survey. A feedback request might look like this:

Hello {{customer name}}, we got confirmation that your refund went through! Could you let us know how the returns process was for you? {{survey link}}

With a business SMS platform, you can even automate the process, setting up your system so that feedback requests are sent after each successful return completion. 

Asking for feedback lets customers know you care—and helps your team improve their eCommerce product returns process in the long run.


Interested in improving your eCommerce return management with business SMS? Try our platform for free.

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