25 Stats That Prove Your Business Should Already Be Texting

As society adapts to new technology, marketers adapt, too.

After the invention of the telephone in the late 1800s came sales calls in the early 1900s. After the invention of email in 1972 came email marketing in the late 1970s. As soon as the population adopts one type of communication technology, businesses start using it, too, setting aside older, less efficient channels for the new—and keeping up with consumers in the process.

Today, it certainly seems like people prefer texting to, say, emails or phone calls. But is texting really the be-all end-all of communication methods? Should businesses start using it as their main means of connecting with customers?

Here are 25 statistics to help your business decide.

Constant Smartphone Use Means Consumers Are Always Accessible Via Texting

The majority of consumers have phones that rarely leave their sides. People take their phones everywhere, from home to work—which means that businesses have constant access to them.

Americans Prefer Texting Over Other Communication Options

They may always be on their phones, but consumers don’t just do anything on there; cell phone users show a strong preference for texting over calls and email. Even though businesses can reach customers at any time on their phones, customers are more likely to welcome a text than a phone call or email.

Consumers Are Ready To Read And Respond To Texts

While in 2000, users only sent an average of 35 messages a month, texting is part of the average consumer’s life now. While an email might go unread (and probably unanswered) for days, consumers are probably going to read your business text message—and there’s a good chance they’ll answer it, too.

Texting Is Taking Over The Business World

After seeing texting take off, businesses have started to realize that SMS is the best channel for reliable and speedy communication with consumers.

The numbers say it all: texting is quickly becoming a must-have for businesses. Consumers simply prefer real-time communication—fast, personalized, and reliable. Texting has no competition.

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