10 Inbound Conversational Customer Engagement SMS Templates

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Responsiveness is one of the pillars of a good conversational customer engagement (CCE) strategy. With SMS templates, you can answer customer queries quickly while employing other critical CCE tactics.

What Are SMS Templates?

SMS templates are reusable texts. They help you quickly answer incoming customer queries or even set up auto replies. Advanced business SMS platforms let you include photos, links, and emojis within SMS templates. You can also include custom fields, which your platform then uses to personalize outgoing texts.

We’ve created 10 conversational customer engagement SMS templates to inspire your own template collection. In line with the pillars of conversational customer engagement, these SMS templates use an authentic tone and invite customers to interact with you. 

Feel free to adjust and use any of the examples you see.

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Opt In Confirmation SMS Templates

Set your business SMS platform to automatically reply to customer messages that include opt-in keywords. Welcome customers to your SMS service, and let them know that they can opt out at any time. In your opt-in auto reply, be sure to invite customers to ask any questions they may have, initiating subsequent chats: 

Hi {{name}}, welcome to Fire Spirit Fashion’s SMS services! Expect regular product tips and occasional opinion polls. You can also text us with questions about our products or your orders. 🔥  Text STOP to opt out at any time. 

Hello {{first name}}, thank you for signing up for Johnson & Jones’s SMS list. Text us to schedule a meeting, check on paperwork statuses, or get a quote for a project. Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers send in similar questions from time to time. Prepare uniform answers for these questions with SMS templates. After answering the customer’s initial question, ask if they have any additional queries to encourage further interactions:

Hi {{name}}, this is {{agent name}}! Our Halloween business hours are the same as our usual hours: 9am – 5pm. Anything else I can answer for you? 🧙‍♀️

Hiya {{name}}, {{agent name}} here. Our new Quick Feet Shoe is $95, plus tax. Any more questions about our newest product? 

Scheduling and Rescheduling Requests

Scheduling through CCE should be fast and easy. After you receive the initial request, be sure to offer clear times for the customer to choose from to make your conversation as quick and effective as possible:

Hi there, {{name}}! I’m so excited that you’re ready to start a new project with us! Can you give me a few dates/times this week that work for a kickoff meeting? —Joe, Team Coordinator, Brick Hands Creative

Hello {{first name}}, thanks for reaching out. Which day would you reschedule your appointment to, and are afternoons or mornings better for you? —Janet, Dental Health Admin Team

Return Requests

The returns process should be swift and painless. When customers ask to make a return, reply with simple instructions. Use a friendly tone and empathy to ensure they feel comfortable submitting the return request:

I’m so sorry that your order didn’t work out, {{customer name}}! Let’s put it right. Can you give me the order #? —Amina DeWitt, Customer Service @ Domino Games

Hi {{ name}}, you can start a return via SMS or by emailing help@ourwebsite.com! If you want to start a return now, please text back with your order # and item #. —Lizzie Frances, Animal Pals Inc 🐕  Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Ticket Submissions

Software and technology companies often receive SMS ticket submissions. Answer the initial query quickly with an SMS template. Be sure to offer reassurance that your team is on the job, too: 

Hi {{subscriber name}}, thank you for submitting this ticket. The Wine Box team will send you a text once the problem has been resolved. 🍷  Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hello {{customer name}}. Your request has been received and tagged as ticket #475435. Please text in for status updates. We’ll text you once the problem has been addressed. Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

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