How Spas, Salons, and the Beauty Industry Use Technology to Attract Clients

Client paying with mobile phone payment.

The beauty industry is thriving. In 2018, hair, skin, and nail salons in the U.S. earned 5.24 billion dollars in revenue. Encouraged by this promising prospect, new beauty businesses are opening more often, making industry leaders investigate technology as a means of differentiating themselves from their competitors.

From scheduling software to business SMS platforms, technology has been created for each aspect of beauty business operations. Savvy beauty businesses are taking advantage of these offerings to streamline their workflows, better manage clientele, and entice modern clients through their doors. 

But there are some standout, technology-dependent strategies that have proven especially effective in the beauty industry—here are the top 8. 

1. Enable Online Scheduling

Over half (59%) of consumers would rather use multiple channels to contact brands than make a single phone call. Online scheduling helps your business in two ways. First, clients who don’t care to speak to receptionists or don’t have time to do so can use online scheduling to quickly make appointments without hassle. Online scheduling also reduces your front desk staff’s workload, who can instead focus on serving the clients already in your salon. 

Pro tip: Ensure your online scheduling system has built-in integrations or open APIs so it can work with your other business apps. With an integrated app ecosystem, your business will gain more rounded pictures of clientele interactions and history. 

2. Accept New (and Old) Payment Methods

In the beauty industry, modern clientele use a variety of payment methods both online and in stores. While many people still use cash and credit cards, options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo are becoming more popular. Even Facebook has dived into the payments business. 

Pro tip: Use an advanced point-of-sale (POS) system that accepts multiple payment options, both old and new, to streamline checkout. Square is a common, versatile option. Venmo is an increasingly popular option for tips.

3. Provide Cutting-Edge Communication Options

With access to so many communication methods, today’s consumers want to be able to contact your business through whichever channel is more convenient at the moment, whether it be SMS or Facebook Messenger. In fact, 37% of consumers expect to be able to contact the same employee no matter which channel they used initially.

Pro tip: Advanced business SMS platforms can receive—and send—messages in any format, all within the same centralized inbox. Additionally, salons can text enable their existing landlines, so that loyal customers can choose whether to dial in or simply send a text. 

4. Send Clients Regular Reminders and Check-insPerson texting on phone.

Modern clients are busy—as are your employees. While there’s nothing more helpful than an appointment reminder or post-appointment check-in, it can be time-consuming to send each message individually. Modern technologies, like business SMS platforms, empower businesses in the beauty industry to automate the process of sending these simple communications. For example, after a hair styling appointment, a receptionist or hairdresser can schedule a personalized follow-up text for the following day to ensure the client is satisfied with their new hairdo. A day before their next appointment, they can receive an SMS appointment reminder.

Pro tip: Business SMS platforms support text drip campaigns, which empower your teams to send sequences of pre-written, personalized texts on the schedule you prefer. These automated campaigns can remove contacts based on recipient responses and even insert personalized messages based on custom fields, so your SMS appointment reminders and check-ins can be personalized with ease. 

5. Start a High-Tech Rewards Program

Most clients today expect their favorite businesses to offer some sort of rewards program—and not the old-fashioned, punch-card kind. They want to automatically gain points without having to keep track of them, which is something technology can help with. Software like Square can facilitate automatic points counting during checkout, and offer points notifications for clients. 

Pro tip: Expand your rewards program by offering those who opt in to your business SMS program discounts and exclusive access. 

6. Capitalize on Social Media

When you start wondering how to get clients for your beauty business, it’s time to turn to social media. Seventy percent of Americans use social media, and you can bet that your most modern customers do, too. While paid social media campaigns do get a lot of traction, even having a strong organic social presence can help you attract and engage clients and potential clients. Top channels include:

  • Facebook, particularly Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Pro tip: Ensure your communications channels allow you to organize all customer interactions into one, centralized system. This way, your teams can manage your omnichannel strategy effectively.

7. Try the Newest Innovations in Beauty Tech

Building buzz around your salon can be difficult in this age of startling news and constant innovation. But with help from the newest innovations in beauty technology, you can drum up attention and more business from clients who crave the most recent tech in the beauty industry. Recent innovations you could offer include:

Pro tip: Share information about any interesting innovations you test in your salon via all of your communications channels, like email, business SMS, and social media. 

8. Ask for Online Reviews

Modern clientele love review sites; in fact, 91% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. If you’re trying to determine how to get clients for your beauty business, you need start by asking your current loyal clients to share how much they love your business. 

Pro tip: Business SMS is a fast and easy channel for sending review requests—and getting the most responses possible. These review requests can even be automated with scheduled, personalized messages.


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