12 Examples of SMS Customer Engagement Texts

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SMS customer engagement is one of the best ways to build customer relationships. Since SMS has a 98% open rate, it’s likely that customers will read any content you send. Because SMS can have a response rate of up to 80%, customers are likely to reply to interactive content, too.

For marketers new to SMS customer engagement, it can be hard deciding how to engage customers and what content to send. It’s critical that SMS customer engagement centers around customer education and entertainment, not sales.  

To help your team create an SMS strategy—and write your first texts—we’ve rounded up 12 examples of SMS customer engagement texts. 

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Product and Service Tips

Customers want to feel like your brand cares about them even after they pay for your product or service. To show them that you prioritize their entire experience with your brand, you can offer product and service tips after customers make purchases. SMS customer engagement product and service tips may look like one of these three examples:

Hi {{customer name}}, Kim from Lakeside Salon here. Don’t forget to drink lots of water during this hot week! Drinking water helps energize and support hair growth, prevent split ends, and reduce the chances of a dry and itchy scalp. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Howdy {{customer name}}, thank you for your recent purchase from Southern Leather Co. We hope you’ve already been able to take your boots out for a ride! If you happen to get some dirt on them, wipe them off with a soft, damp cloth. Clean the entire surface so the color stays the same. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Monthly Robots&Games Tip: Our blog refreshes each week with a list of brand-new computer game updates and bug fixes! 🤖 Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

General Customer Feedback

Your customers want to feel like their opinions matter. That’s why you should ask them about how they feel regularly. In addition to sending customer service feedback requests, consider texting customers with feedback requests or polls about upcoming decisions. These can be serious or seriously funny. SMS customer engagement feedback requests may look like one of these three examples: 

Great news, {{customer name}}, Fashion Factory is going to host a family fair next year! We’re asking our customers which location they think would make a better event. If you think downtown would be better text DOWNTOWN. If you think our Ninth Street Mall would be better, text MALL. Can’t wait to hear from you! Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hi there, plant lover! 🌱 Gardenia Nursery is going to source a brand-new exotic plant each month throughout 2021. We’ll choose our plants based on customer votes. Any exotic plants you’d like to see? Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Our staff at Grounded Coffee cafe can’t decide whether we want to paint our new space leaf green or baby blue. Can you reply with your preference so we can break the tie? Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Delivery Updates (with a Little Extra)

Delivery updates may not seem like SMS customer engagement content. But they’re one of your most powerful engagement opportunities. Your customers are likely at their happiest when they receive their orders—and if they’re not at their happiest, this is a great time to make it right. SMS customer engagement delivery updates may look like the following examples:

Hi {{customer name}}. Your order from PupsRUs has been delivered. How’s {{dog name}} like their new treats? Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hey there, {{customer name}}! Looks like your Wild Spices delivery has arrived. Have any questions about what’s in this month’s box? Text back to connect with one of our professional chefs. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hello, {{customer name}}, Shoes Express here. Your order has been marked as delivered. Like what you’re wearing? Please leave us a review at {{review link}}. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Brand Updates

Brand updates are an easy way to keep customers informed about your brand. You may want to send a brand update after you revamp your branding, release a new product, or start a high-profile collaboration. SMS customer engagement brand updates may look like one of these three examples:

Hello, {{customer name}}, Run & Climb Outfitters here. Our South Main location is moving! Our new address is 5363 Peachtree Lane. Come visit on July 6, our opening day! Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hiya, {{customer name}}, Joey’s Pizzeria here. Heads up that we’ve got a brand-new menu item: inside-out calzones! Order them online or come in and try them out. 🍕 Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hello {{client name}}, we’ve got big news: Townsend Law is merging with Bay Area Litigation! Head to our website to learn more. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Ready to boost your customer engagement strategy with business SMS? Read our Beginner’s Guide to SMS Customer Engagement.

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