Heymarket Texting for HubSpot

HubSpot is your favorite CRM platform for tracking and coordinating with prospects. Now, our HubSpot SMS integration allows you to connect with more leads and customers through the messaging channels they know and love. Use texting for HubSpot to engage leads and customers, expedite resolutions, and gain transparency into lead interactions.

Sync Contacts Between HubSpot and Heymarket

Maintain accurate contact information with the HubSpot SMS integration. When salespeople add customer information, such as a new custom field value, to HubSpot, it automatically updates in Heymarket. When they add new information to Heymarket, it automatically updates in HubSpot. Real-time syncing keeps contact data up to date.

Message from Within HubSpot

Connect with contacts quickly and increase responses through texting for HubSpot. Click on the Heymarket widget inside HubSpot to access your favorite business SMS features like the shared inbox, templates, and assignments. Your team can send texts to relevant leads or customers right when they need to instead of switching between platforms.

Reach More Customers with HubSpot Omnichannel Messaging

Manage queries from all channels. The HubSpot SMS integration supports incoming customer messages from native SMS apps and over-the-top apps like Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and WhatsApp. Handling all messages in a single shared inbox empowers your team to answer more customers, faster than ever.

Include SMS in HubSpot Workflows

Leverage HubSpot workflows with Heymarket actions to set up triggers and actions between the platforms. For example, if your team adds contacts to HubSpot, Heymarket can send them welcome texts. Your team can even set Heymarket to send texts when emails go unanswered. Cross-platform automations streamline marketing, sales, and customer outreach efforts.

Logging texts in HubSpot

Log Messages to HubSpot

Maintain a full picture of all lead and customer communications with automatic message logging. Heymarket automatically logs every customer conversation in HubSpot. Use these messages to track touchpoints, improve the accuracy of sales forecasting, and increase visibility between teams.