Secure your SMS templates with permissions

Restrict templates to the team members who need them.

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What are template permissions?

Template permissions give you the power to select which users can access certain SMS templates. For example, you can restrict customer service-related questions to your support inbox and sales templates to your sales inbox. Or, if each agent has their own inbox, each person can keep their own templates separate. And to improve security, you can restrict templates containing sensitive information to only the inboxes that use them.

Benefits of template permissions

If your team uses a large number of templates, your inboxes could become cluttered with templates that aren’t relevant to each user. Sometimes, team members only need to use the templates they created. And it’s more secure for certain team members not to have access to certain templates.

With granular control over who can access your team’s templates, you can keep inboxes organized and save time while adding another layer of security.

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Organize your inbox

Show templates to only the relevant users and teams, keeping inboxes decluttered.

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Improve security

Restrict templates with sensitive information to the inboxes that use them, strengthening your information security.

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Work faster

Keep teammates’ templates separate so they only see the texts they work with, streamlining workflows.

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