Connect your employee database with directory sync

Manage your text messaging user accounts, groups, permissions, and more from your central directory.

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What is directory sync?

Directory Sync connects your Heymarket text messaging platform with your employee directory systems, such as Azure, Okta, Google, Workday, Bamboo, and others. This syncs your Heymarket user accounts with your employee database, automating and simplifying how you manage your users’ access and permissions.

Benefits of Heymarket’s directory sync

Whether adding new employees, updating existing employee information, or removing access for departing staff, Heymarket’s directory sync keeps your Heymarket account aligned with your workforce changes seamlessly.

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Increase security

When you sync your employee database, Heymarket automatically updates permissions so only the right team members can access your messaging platform.

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Manage access at scale

Automatically set up, update, and revoke access to your text messaging tools as your directory changes. This makes it easy for large organizations to manage access.

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Customize permissions

Tailor your inboxes, roles, and permissions to your organization’s specific needs. Then let Heymarket automatically update your team’s access.

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