12 Introductory Business SMS Templates

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Every customer’s text is unique, like their personality. But your replies should be consistent and on-brand. Introductory business SMS templates make it easier to use a recognizable and repeatable brand voice from the get-go.

What Are Business SMS Templates?

SMS templates are basic text messaging scripts that you can reuse. You can include custom fields from within your business SMS platform or CRM to personalize outgoing texts. Ultimately, SMS templates help you quickly answer customer queries, especially FAQs.

What Are Introductory Business SMS Templates?

Introductory texts are the first texts you send customers. They’re key to starting off your texting relationship on the right foot.

These texts can differ depending on a lot of factors. For example, a startup might want to use a different tone than an established enterprise. A customer service team might want to use different content than a sales team.

That’s where introductory business SMS templates come in. They’re reusable introductory texts that help your team present a unified front. Explore the following 12 introductory business SMS templates to get a good sense of what yours might look like.

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Introductory Business SMS Templates to Confirm Opt Ins

Before you can start conversations with customers, they need to opt in to receiving texts from your business. Send customers automatic confirmations as soon as they text opt-in keywords or provide their information via web forms. A confirmation text ensures that you’re adhering to applicable regulations. It also lets customers know what texts from your business will look like in the future. After you craft your opt-in SMS template, you can set your business SMS platform to automatically personalize and send the message when customers text in with the appropriate keywords:



Introductory Business SMS Templates for Customer Service

You can reach out to customers who have opted in with valuable content, like customer service updates or feedback requests. Create an introductory customer service SMS template for the first customer service notification that you send customers. It should offer them basic information and a reminder that they opted in to your SMS services:



Introductory Business SMS Templates for Dispatch

Coordinating deliveries and processing orders takes communication. Using business SMS, you can maintain your company’s branding, even when dealing with real-time logistical problems. These messages can start with you or your customer. Either way, you should introduce yourself so customers know exactly with whom they’re connecting:



Introductory Business SMS Templates For Sales Teams

Customers love communicating through texts; in fact, 90% of customers qualified as leads would rather communicate via texts than phone calls. Ensure your leads have opted in via web forms or texted-in keywords before writing them. Then, in your business SMS template, include introductory information and a recap explaining why you’re messaging them:



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