How to Use HubSpot SMS to Encourage Customers to Contact You

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Eight in ten customers say being treated like a person (not a number) is important to winning their business. Messaging with them one-on-one shows that you care about their individual experiences. And with HubSpot SMS, you can create the kind of experience that keeps them reaching out time and time again.  

What Is HubSpot SMS?

HubSpot SMS is an integration between a business texting platform and HubSpot. Simply put, the integration allows the two platforms to speak to one another. 

Among other things, the HubSpot SMS integration lets you share data between platforms, message customers from HubSpot, create key marketing automations, and get a clearer picture of customer interactions with your brand.

So how can you use HubSpot SMS to encourage customers to contact you? Let’s explore four key ways. 

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Tip #1: Publish Your Entry Points

The first step to getting customers to message your brand is letting them know that they can message you. Publish your messaging entry points on all of your HubSpot content. 

This can include:

  • The bottom of marketing emails
  • The final paragraph of ticket confirmations
  • On forms (e.g., a text opt-in when they submit a demo or whitepaper form)

Let customers reach out via all sorts of messaging services, not just SMS. HubSpot text messaging can accept messages from services like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, WhatsApp, Google’s Business Messages, and Apple Business Chat. The more channels you offer, the more likely customers will find one they feel comfortable using to reach out.

Tip #2: Give Them the Personalized Experience They Crave 

As we started by saying, customers need to feel like they’re treated like people. If they have a great experience when messaging with you, they’ll be more likely to keep reaching out. HubSpot SMS makes it easy to personalize customers’ messaging experience—without a lot of extra work from your team. 

For example, you can:

  • Include HubSpot custom properties, like names and order numbers, in texts (your HubSpot SMS platform will automatically fill them in as it sends messages)
  • Add SMS to Workflows so you can touch base with or notify opted-in customers through a convenient channel in addition to email 
  • Reply to customers from within HubSpot’s customer timeline so you can refer to their history and tailor your responses

HubSpot SMS integrations make personalizing customer messages easier than before. By using these cross-channel features, you can give customers a VIP experience that will keep them coming back for more. 

Tip #3: Show Off Your Speedy Response Times

Customers love fast customer service. Boost your response times—and show them off—to encourage customers to message in. 

To boost and publicize your response times, you can:

  • Set up an auto reply that lets customers know you received their messages
  • Create automated answers to basic FAQs based on keywords and key phrases
  • Collaborate with team members within your shared inbox in HubSpot to answer customers faster
  • Include average response times in any SMS service information you publicize via HubSpot content, emails, or social media

Once customers experience your fast SMS response and resolution times, it’ll be the channel they turn to over and over.

One of HubSpot’s biggest benefits is its reporting capabilities. Tracking customer interactions with your team is a great way to understand them better and tweak your actions to match their needs. 

You can use SMS reports alongside HubSpot’s reports to:

  • Identify which days you experience higher messaging volumes
  • Monitor your team’s average response times to make scheduling changes
  • Inform decisions about where your budget should go

Ultimately, reviewing and analyzing HubSpot and SMS reports is the best way to understand how your messaging influences customer attention—and how to focus your efforts to keep customers reaching out. 

Want to learn more about HubSpot SMS? Check out our guide to texting throughout the HubSpot customer lifecycle.

As Heymarket’s Senior Content Marketing Manager, Hailey Colwell creates texting resources that help brands make meaningful connections with their customers. Her background combines CRM software and journalism, including writing for American Public Media. When she's not editing, she's probably riding her bike.
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