SMS Reminders for Every Customer-Facing Business Department

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Business text messaging can be used in just about every company—and just about every department in every company. SMS customer service empowers agents to resolve customer queries quickly. SMS marketing allows marketers to engage with customers through a convenient channel. SMS sales helps salespeople connect with their leads. And no matter the department, business text messaging can also be used to send SMS reminders for customers.

SMS reminders are text messages that a business sends to remind customers about anything from a previous message to an upcoming delivery. Companies use business text messaging platforms to send these SMS reminders to large lists of customers in a single click. After team members press “send,” their business SMS platform personalizes each outgoing message with merge tokens that draw on customers’ custom fields. 

Business text messaging platforms make it easy to send SMS reminders for customers. But companies may still be wondering when they might need to use SMS instead of another channel, like email, and what an SMS reminder looks like in the first place. 

That’s why we rounded up examples of business SMS reminders that customer service, marketing, and operations teams often use with customers. Feel free to adjust and use the templates. 

Customer Service SMS Reminders

Every company has to send its customers or clients reminders, like appointment reminders and CSAT survey reminders. But when these messages are sent through email, customers don’t get them fast enough. Alternatively, 90% of cell phone users have their phones on them at all times. Plus, texts have a 98% open rate. Sending SMS reminders is far faster than sending reminders through any other channel. 

Depending on your brand, your customer service SMS reminders might look like one of these three templates:

Hi {{customer first name}}, this is Timeless Vintage! Your dress fitting is coming up! It’ll be on {{fitting date}} at {{local branch address}}. Reply with any questions, or text STOP to stop receiving messages. 

Hello there, {{customer first name}}, this is the RobotBuilder team. Thanks again for downloading our app! 🤖 Have you had any time since our last message to consider giving us some feedback?  Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages. 

Hiya {{customer first name}}, BookSubscription here! We noticed that you showed interest in leaving us an online review. If you’re still interested, check out our Yelp page. Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.

Operations SMS Reminders

Operations teams send critical dispatch reminders each day. From delivery reminders to home visit reminders, operations teams are constantly keeping customers and field staff up to date. However, customers don’t like to pick up their phones when they see numbers that aren’t familiar. And email is too slow of a channel for timely messages, like a reminder that a field agent is on the way to a customer’s house. Customers are happy to check their text messages, and if they have any questions or concerns, your team will hear about them quickly; SMS has an average response time of 90 secondsPeople checking SMS on phones

Depending on your business, your operations SMS reminders might look like one of these three templates:

Dear {{customer name}}, your order #{{order number}} is arriving today. As per your request, it will be left at the door. Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.

Hi {{client name}}! This is a reminder that {{field agent name}} will be arriving at your home at {{appointment time}} to install order #{{order number}}. Please be ready to let {{field agent name}} in. Thanks! Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages. 

Hi there, {{customer first name}}! This is Janice, from MaidsOnTheGo. Again, we’re thrilled that you’ve decided to sign up for our {{service level}}. Did you have a chance to think about giving us some feedback? Our feedback survey is here >> {{link to survey}}. Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages. 

Sales SMS Reminders

An astonishing 90% of leads would rather be texted than called. So if your sales team needs to provide leads with any reminders, it’s best to do it through business SMS. Sales SMS reminders  are excellent tools for appointment reminders, next steps reminders, or follow-ups from previous conversations. 

Depending on your brand (and personal sales style), your sales SMS reminders might look like one of these three templates:

Hi there, {{lead name}}, {{assigned representative}} from Joe’s Auto here. Looking forward to seeing you at {{appointment time}} today! I’ll be at our {{city location}} location. Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages. 

Hiya {{lead name}}! I’m excited to see you and your plus one tonight at New Moon Bar! It’ll be a networking event to remember. Bring bowling shoes! —Sammy (Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.)

Hello {{lead name}}, hope you’re well. I’m following up on our last call, on {{date of last contact}}. Do you feel like you are ready to move forward with next steps? Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.


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