Master Business Text Messaging Terminology With Our New Glossary

Chalkboard with ABCs.

Even business text messaging veterans agree: there are always new industry terms that they have to look up from time to time.

Business text messaging is expanding at such a rapid rate that it’s hard to keep up with the industry jargon. New innovations and integrations make it that much harder; even if you understand basic SMS lingo, an invention can come along to switch it all up again.

That’s why we created a glossary of business text messaging terms.

From A To Z

We’ve defined terms you might come across in the business text messaging industry. Whether you want to know what a merge token is or are curious to finally learn what URL stands for, we’ve got you covered.

Our nearly 60 terms are arranged from A to Z for easy searching.

Flexible For Continued Use

Our glossary isn’t carved in stone; we’ll be updating it as new terms come to light. (Given the pace of the business text messaging industry, that will be a regular occurrence.) Expect to find an updated list of terms whenever you have time to take a peek.

While we think we have recorded all the terms you’ll need, there’s a chance we missed one. If you notice that we have left something out, give us a shout. We’ll define your term for you, then add it to our site for others to see as well.

Interested in learning more about business text messaging? Schedule a demo with our Customer Success team.

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