Instagram Business Messaging Statistics

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Instagram business messaging is the newest brand-friendly messaging platform. It’s a convenient touchpoint for customers, who use Instagram to identify, follow, and connect with their favorite brands. But is it worth focusing your resources on the channel? Will your customers actually exchange Instagram messages with you? Let’s review the facts. 

Instagram has become an increasingly influential channel over the years. Many of your leads and customers are already users, and they spend a lot of time scrolling through the app. In other words, Instagram can help expand your reach:

Customers Are Looking for Your Brand on Instagram

Customers aren’t just following their friends and family on Instagram. They’re also identifying and following brands like yours. These stats reveal just how important Instagram is during the customer journey:

Customers Want To Message Your Brand Through Instagram

Customers don’t just want to look at your products on Instagram. They also want to use Instagram messaging to ask questions about your products or services and share their support for your content. Research shows that users are primed to exchange Instagram messages with you:

Most Brands Are Already Using Instagram

If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, you may be a little behind the game. (Don’t worry—it’s easy to catch up! Once you set up your account, use these tips to gain traction fast.) Many brands and professionals already include Instagram in their strategies:

Takeaways: Instagram Business Messaging Statistics

Instagram is clearly a popular channel, and it’s likely that many of your customers are users. They’re eager to find, follow, and interact with brands like yours. Offering Instagram Business Messaging makes it easy for leads and customers to reach out—and propels your on-trend business ahead of the competition.


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