How to Connect with Customers Regularly During COVID-19 (Plus SMS Templates!)

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Regular brand exposure is the best way to build strong customer relationships. But since COVID-19 has stopped a lot of customers from coming into your store, your teams are going to have to rely on online communication methods. Enter business SMS.  

A business texting platform empowers your business to send, receive, and organize thousands of customer texts. With its powerful technology, you can even personalize mass texts using templates that include custom fields. This makes it a key channel for sending content to and having conversations with customers. 

But you need good reasons to reach out to customers. Customers want to receive valuable content only. If they receive texts that seem too sales-focused, they may choose to unsubscribe from your business SMS updates. 

Read on to learn how to engage with customers regularly during COVID-19—and see some business SMS templates for inspiration. 

Keep Customers Up to Date on Your Newest Policies

Update customers each time you update your operations or safety policies. Operational updates are a great way to keep your brand top of mind for customers while providing information customers need. 

Your team can send information about updated:

  • Store hours
  • Inventory
  • Safety procedures 
  • Selling services (e.g., curbside pickup)

Sending store updates is a great way to remind customers that they can still shop with your brand, all while providing important information. 

Example SMS templates:

Hiya {{customer name}}, Victory Point Games here. Heads up that we’ve extended our curbside pickup hours. You can now collect your purchases from 12-6pm, Monday through Friday! Text STOP to opt out of our SMS updates.

Hello {{customer name}}, this is Baybridge Corner Market. We wanted to let you know that we now have a dedicated senior hour: M-F, 8-9am. Please come in during that time if you are 65 and older. (And bring an ID!) Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Send Customers Product Tips

Your customers want to get the most out of the products they purchase from you so they can get their money’s worth. You want them to get the most out of the products they purchase from you so they’ll become brand loyalists and spread the word about your business. Sending customers product tips or interesting use cases is a great way to achieve this. 

Your team can send: 

  • Short lists of tips for a favorite product
  • Information about popular and unique use cases 
  • Suggestions for use cases

Product-related tips can help customers enjoy your product to the fullest, encouraging them to come back for more. 

Example SMS templates:

Hiya {{customer name}}, we know you enjoy our weekly wine basket, but did you know you can enjoy your subscription even after you’ve drunk all the wine? Check out our Instagram for some great wine bottle art our other customers have made during quarantine! Text STOP to opt out of our SMS updates.

Hello {{customer name}}, Western Cloth Designs here. Did you know that you can make our bandanas into masks without cutting them? Check out the instructions on our website! Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Engage Them in a Casual Game or Competition

Some of your customers are at home more than they ever have been before. They’re looking for new and spontaneous things to do. Creating entertainment for them is a great way to both engage them and ensure your brand is on their minds. 

Your team can:

  • Hold SMS trivia tournaments that are related to your industry
  • Host talent shows featuring your products
  • Encourage friendly competition with a leader board or a prize

More than ever, SMS entertainment will encourage high engagement levels, helping customers see your brand as more than just a business. 

Example SMS templates:

Hi there, {{customer name}}, it’s Veronica’s Vintage with Tuesday Trivia! Without Googling it (on your honor!) can you text back with the brand of shoe Marilyn Monroe wore to meet JFK for the first time? First 10 correct replies will be bumped to the top of our infamous trivia leaderboard! Text STOP to opt out of our SMS updates.

Hello, {{customer name}}, it’s Lakeland Music Shop! We know you’ve all been practicing your instruments during lockdown. Now it’s time to show us what you got! Reply with a video of you performing and we’ll post the top 10 on our wildly popular Instagram page. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Ask for Their Input

Your customers want to know that you take their ideas and needs seriously. One great way to both show them that you care and prime them to make future purchases is to ask for their input on an upcoming project. 

Your team can ask for their opinions about:

  • New colors for a product
  • Potential collaborations with big names 
  • Inventory changes 

Asking for customers’ input is one of the best ways to engage them. Plus, since there’s a good chance your customers are low on entertainment options, it’s likely that you’ll get a strong response. 

Example SMS templates:

Hi, {{customer name}}, it’s Sunflower Plants! Since you’re one of our {{loyalty tier}} customers, we want your input on an important decision. Do you think we should offer pileas as our feature exotic plant next month, or lotuses? Text STOP to opt out of our SMS updates. 

Hello there, {{customer name}}, Jenn from French Wine Experience here. We are going to landscape our patio in preparation for outdoor dining. Do you have any favorite flowers you’re interested in seeing? We’re taking a vote! Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Check In for Feedback

No matter how you decide to engage your customers, it’s always a good idea to ask how they are enjoying the customer experience. This ensures they know you want to provide the absolute best experience for them. 

Your team should ask for feedback on:

  • Purchases/products
  • New SMS entertainment programs
  • Your brand as a whole 

Asking for feedback is always a great way to evaluate the customer experience and make changes if needed. 

Example SMS templates:

Hello, {{customer name}}, it’s Jake’s Global Market! We saw you received order # {{last order #}} on {{order delivery date}}. How do you like it? Text STOP to opt out of our SMS updates.

Hiya, {{customer name}}, it’s CatsRUs! Since you signed up for our weekly cat videos, how would you say you like them? Text back with a rating from 1-5, and let us know if you have suggestions for improvement! Text STOP to stop receiving texts.


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