Business SMS Templates for COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to impact the business world, companies are updating their customer communication channels. Tools like business text messaging, for example, are helping them relay changes, arrange curbside pickups, and schedule deliveries. 

Business text messaging is a fast channel, but there are tools that help your teams speed up communications even more. Take SMS templates for business

SMS templates are pre-written texts. Team members can tweak and send templates one by one, or send them to lists of contacts. When team members send templates on a mass scale, any spaces left for custom fields are filled in by the business text messaging platform. Customers receive texts that look like they were sent individually. Team members can even create SMS campaign templates—a sequence of templates sent on a predetermined schedule.

Using SMS templates for business ensures your texts have a uniform tone, even in individual conversations between agents and customers. They also save time for team members who answer the same questions repeatedly. 

We’ve rounded up some popular SMS templates to use while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Feel free to use these as they are, or tweak them to suit your company. 

During-Hours Auto Response 

In the COVID-19 world, your team is busier than ever. You’re adapting to frequent local regulation and supply chain changes. Due to these circumstances, an auto-response during business hours is critical. Customers often want to ask simple questions, like whether your business is open or not. In your auto response, list your current hours and the amount of time you think it’ll take your team to reply.

During-hours auto response SMS templates might look like these three examples:

Hi there! Thanks for texting the Derry Farms team. Our SMS line is open from 9-5, Monday through Friday. Please expect a reply within the hour. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hello, friend! Our CuteVintage team hopes you’re well and is excited to hear from you. We’re busy getting our beautiful vintage stock in order, but a team member should be with you in around 30 minutes. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hey there. Due to reduced staffing, we are a little slower to reply. We’ll answer you as soon as we can—within 4 hours is our current goal. Talk soon! Reply STOP to stop receiving texts. 

After-Hours Auto Response

After hours responses are as important as your during-hours responses. Depending on the size of your company, it’s critical that your team take time away from answering the SMS line to recharge and stay healthy at home. But you also want to reassure your customers, letting them know that your company is open for business and will answer them soon. An auto response is the perfect way to manage all of this seamlessly. 

After-hours auto response SMS templates might look like these three examples:

Hello! The Farm To Table Delivery team is out of the office. Our new business hours are 8-6, Monday through Sunday. Please expect a reply within 1 business day. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hi there, {{first name}}. We’re happy to hear from you, but right now we’re out of the bookstore. During COVID-19, our team is answering texts from 10-4, Monday through Thursday. Please expect a reply within that time frame. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hello, {{first name}}. Thank you for contacting Joe Law. Our team is keeping our usual hours during the stay-at-home order: 9-5, Monday through Friday. We plan to get back to you within 1 business day. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

Operations Updates

You’ll probably get a lot of questions regarding your operations. To ensure that all of your team’s answers are the same—and to save time—create a template for agents to use when customers ask about operations. Remember to tweak it after each update. 

Operation update SMS templates might look like the following examples:

I’m glad you asked, {{first name}}! Our hours are still 9-5 every day. We have a new sanitation policy, so everyone has to use our hand sanitizer before coming into the store. Plus, we ask that everyone wears masks. Do you have any questions? Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

We have made a few changes! Our restaurant is open for pickup from 10-4, Tuesday through Sunday. Would you like to place an order now? We have SMS order capabilities. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

We’d love to see you in the store! We’re still open from 9-7, Tuesday through Sunday. We ask that customers wear masks, stay 6 feet from one another, and enter the store 4 customers at a time. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

Checking In

Finally, it makes sense to send updates to SMS subscribers whenever you make changes to current policies. These check-ins ensure customers have your store top-of-mind when they’re ready to make purchases or head out for some shopping.

Check-in SMS templates might look like the following examples:

Hi there {{first name}}, Sammy from Sunny Florists here. We’re opening our doors just in time for spring blooms! Since your last order was {{last order date}}, we’re thinking it might be time to brighten up your home with another bouquet. Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hello, {{first name}}! This is Jack from River Furniture. We know you had placed an order for {{last product order}} and want to let you know that we are ready to deliver it now. We’re using new safety measures, like masks and social distancing, to keep you safe. Ready to schedule delivery? Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hi {{first name}}! This is Moonshine Books. Thank goodness the safety order is over. We’re opening our doors this Saturday. We have two new rules: we require masks, and only allow 10 people in the store at one time. Come on and join us! Reply STOP to stop receiving texts.


Want help creating your own SMS templates or an SMS campaign template? Talk to our team.

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