How to Boost Demo Attendance with Texting for HubSpot

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A strong demo is one of the best ways to close deals for sales teams. But the trick is getting leads who signed up for your demos to actually show up. That’s where HubSpot CRM SMS comes in.

What Is HubSpot CRM SMS? 

HubSpot CRM SMS, also known as an SMS HubSpot integration or HubSpot SMS integration, is an integration between HubSpot and your business text messaging platform.

This integration empowers your two platforms to speak to one another, so you can:

  • Automatically sync data between the two platforms
  • Text with customers from within your HubSpot CRM
  • Add texting to Workflows

With help from these features, an SMS HubSpot integration can work wonders for your demo attendance. 

How Can HubSpot CRM SMS Boost Demo Attendance? 

Demos are effective, but getting leads in them can be difficult. Leads are busy, and can easily forget a demo they signed up for a week ago. They often ignore phone calls, which have a 48% answer rate. They are likely to ignore email reminders, which have around a 21% open rate.

Texts are the perfect vehicle for reminders. They’re convenient for people who are on the go, which is why texts have a 98% open rate. Plus, leads are likely to reschedule or ask questions through texting if necessary, since texting has a 45% response rate. Compared to email, which has a 21% open rate and 6% response rate, texting is a more effective channel for timely reminders.

Plus, with help from HubSpot CRM SMS, you can create workflows that automatically reach out to leads who have signed up for demos with personalized reminders. You can even add SMS to existing HubSpot Workflows, sending a text if leads don’t reply to emails. If leads reply with questions or rescheduling requests, their messages arrive right in your shared inbox, where you or a team member can respond. 

Setting Up a Simple Scheduled SMS within the HubSpot Interface

If you’ve been texting with a lead within HubSpot and set up a demo right then and there, you may want to schedule out a unique SMS reminder right away. 

From within your HubSpot interface, you’ll just need to:

  • Navigate to the lead’s contact record and open your Chat
  • Type a reminder message or choose a relevant SMS template
  • Schedule the text to send a set amount of time before the scheduled demo

This simple process takes a little manual work on your end, but is effective. It may be a good option for newcomers to HubSpot CRM SMS. 

Creating a HubSpot SMS Workflow Automation

Creating a HubSpot SMS Workflow automation is a more efficient and scalable way to remind leads about upcoming demos. In this case, your HubSpot SMS integration does all the heavy lifting after you set up the initial automation. 

  1. Create or select a reminder SMS template.
  2. Create a workflow with a contact enrollment trigger based on the HubSpot properties indicating a contact has been scheduled for a demo and that they’ve opted in to text (e.g.,  Lifecycle Stage is “Demo Scheduled” and SMS opt-in (custom property) is “yes”).
  3. Set whichever delay makes sense for the situation (e.g., delaying the message send time until two days before the demo).
  4. Add an action for “Send SMS With Template” to your Hubspot workflow, and choose your reminder SMS template.

Demo reminder workflow in HubSpot CRM using SMS: Trigger is "Demo Scheduled is less than 2 days from now" and action is "Send SMS With Template"

A reusable SMS template might look like this: 

Hi {{First Name}}! {{Contact Owner}} here. Can’t wait to see you at our {{product name of interest}} demo on {{demo date}}! Let me know if you have questions or need to reschedule. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

This particular workflow will automatically send SMS reminders when leads are due for a demo in two days. You can also create multiple SMS reminders. For example, you could send an initial reminder two days before the demo and another reminder an hour before the demo. 

Ultimately, a HubSpot SMS Workflow automation helps you boost demo attendance—without increasing your workload. 


Want to learn more about HubSpot CRM SMS? Check out our blog.

As Heymarket's Sales Manager, Craig Bradley works with businesses across industries to understand their needs and how texting can help solve them. Craig brings a depth of sales experience in telecom and technology, including growing the business development teams at Fond and Eved. When he's not chatting with prospective customers, he’s pursuing his many interests: running, golfing, roller skating, and the Dallas Cowboys.
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