COVID-19 Takeaways: 6 Benefits of Texting in Business

Business woman in mask texting, illustrating the benefits of texting in business during the pandemic

COVID-19 has changed how we work, and has shown us which of our tools shine in dire circumstances. The pandemic has also highlighted six top benefits of texting in business. Let’s dive in. 

Texting Is Accessible

When COVID-19 hit, brick-and-mortar businesses were worried about getting in touch with shoppers. How could leads and customers ask quick questions when they weren’t popping by for store visits? How could they reach their favorite retail associates through a convenient yet personable channel? What channel could everyone, young and old, use with ease? 

As these brands discovered, nearly all customers are amenable to texting. After all:

Texting is as accessible as face-to-face conversations for customers. 

Texting Has Endless Use Cases

Before COVID-19, plenty of companies used business text messaging. Teams relied on business SMS to answer questions, schedule appointments, send reminders, provide invoices, and much more. When COVID-19 hit, companies found even more use cases for their favorite communication tool. 

Companies used business SMS to coordinate curbside pickups, organize parking-lot waiting rooms, share local safety guidelines, and manage remote teams. Ultimately, business SMS can adapt to any situation, empowering companies to weather unprecedented times—one of the most useful benefits of texting in business. 

Business SMS Platforms Are Perfect for Remote Work

COVID-19 sent much of the world’s workforce home. Many professionals could still work, but they had to do so at a great distance from their coworkers. Instead of walking over to their coworkers’ desks to ask quick questions, they had to do so over the phone or email. But those channels are too slow for quick questions. Internal messaging channels are fast, but they’re not convenient for team members who work on the go. 

Business SMS offers team members a powerful shared inbox that facilitates collaboration. Team members can access it from anywhere. Plus, it offers team-focused tools, like private comments, so team members can work together on customer chats behind the scenes. For businesses like Door-Mart Garage Doors, which went remote during COVID-19, these tools have been a lifesaver.  

“The journey has come a long way from a cell phone that was being passed around the office to having one uniform communication center.”
—Joshua Simington, Administrator, Door-Mart Garage Doors

Business Texting Services Make Scaling Easy

Before COVID-19, many businesses already offered online services or eCommerce shops. COVID-19 led them to drastically expand their online offerings—and their online communications. They had to manage more online order confirmations, delivery notifications, and online shopper questions. 

Business texting services empower teams to send many personalized texts at once, so companies can scale their communications with ease. For example, Teambuilding, a team collaboration brand, had to pivot to online activities. With help from a business SMS platform, the switch was easy.  

“Texting has been a driving force behind TeamBuilding’s overnight shift and ability to scale quickly to meet this unique moment in time.”
—Michael Alexis, CEO of TeamBuilding

Texting Helps Customers Stay Up to Date

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, regulations changed frequently. Businesses were understandably frustrated. How could they communicate changes to customers quickly, and through a channel that they would actually check? It wouldn’t be appropriate to call every customer, and customers don’t check emails frequently.

Companies began using personalized mass texting to send timely updates to customers. Of all the benefits of texting in business, personalized mass texting is the most popular by brands. It’s a benefit that teams still rely on today. 

Texting Saves Time

When companies started publicizing their business SMS numbers, they received a lot of texts. Many businesses wondered how to keep up with customers’ demand for texting them. But business text messaging platforms make it easy to manage hundreds or thousands of texts every day—even for small brands. 

Business text messaging platforms offer tools like automations, so team members can streamline their workflows. For example, team members started setting up auto replies to FAQs. These tools helped brands answer more customer questions faster than ever before. 

Conclusion: COVID-19 and Beyond

The benefits that made business text messaging so useful during COVID-19 are just as effective in the fast-paced environment we’re slowly returning to. Business SMS is accessible, flexible, and scalable. Plus, it helps teams work remotely and save time while keeping customers informed. In other words, business text messaging is here to stay through COVID-19 and beyond. 


Interested in learning more about the benefits of texting in business during events like COVID-19? Check out our blog.

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