5 Holiday SMS Customer Engagement Campaigns to Boost Seasonal Sales

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SMS customer engagement campaigns are one of the best ways to boost holiday sales. They invite leads and customers to connect with your company. Once leads and customers reach out, your team can participate in conversational marketing—that is, authentically promoting products and services through person-to-person chats. 

As more and more shoppers take their holiday shopping online, SMS customer engagement campaigns can help get them interested in your brand. 

But what can holiday SMS customer engagement campaigns look like? Let’s dive in. 

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Holiday Poll Campaign

Before or at the beginning of the holiday season, ask for leads’ and customers’ opinions on either your holiday specials or products. It’s a good way to get feedback, engage leads and customers, and ensure your brand is top of mind when your contacts start holiday shopping. Holiday poll texts may look like the following examples.

Hi, {{customer name}} — Bath Goods Inc here. We want your input! Which holiday gift would you rather receive with a purchase this year: a cinnamon candle or a jingle bells tote bag? Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hi there, {{customer name}}! It’s Baked Goods Inc. We’re preparing recipes for the holiday season and want to know: would you rather try a peppermint brownie or a cinnamon muffin? Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Seasons Greetings Campaign

Early in the holiday season, it’s a good idea to check in with your SMS list. They may not have gift shopping on their minds yet, but they’ll appreciate the reminder. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to let them know about any campaigns you’ll have at a later date, like the holiday gift concierge. Seasons greetings texts may look like the following examples:

Hello, {{customer name}} and Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Stationary Fiends! We hope you and yours have a relaxing day. We look forward to seeing you when we open tomorrow morning for Black Friday. Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hi there, {{customer name}}! It’s Acme Shoes. Happy holidays! We hope you’re relaxing with family. If you still haven’t picked up gifts yet, text GIFT and our shoe elves will help you find the perfect presents for your loved ones. Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Holiday Gift Concierge Campaign

It’s hard to pick out the perfect gift for all the loved ones on your list. That’s why customers love holiday gift concierge campaigns. Leads and customers can simply text in with basic (or detailed) information about their loved ones, and your team can provide a list of potential gifts. Holiday gift concierge texts may look like the following examples:

Hiya, {{customer name}} — great news. This year, Chic Boutique is making holiday shopping easier for you. Our team of retail associates is on the line, ready to make personalized gift recommendations for your loved ones. Text PRESENT to get started. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

‘Tis the season for gift shopping, {{customer name}}! Need help finding a fun gift for your family? Text HELP, and our Silly Socks team will help you pick out the perfect pair. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Present List Campaign

Some leads and customers are just too shy—or busy—to text in. You can help them, anyway. Create lists of gift ideas and send a few out. You can even tweak your lists to send them to different groups of customers. For example, if you have loyal customers, they may be more likely to buy your pricey gifts. Newcomers may go for stocking stuffers. Present list texts may look like the following examples:

Looking for a plant to give your loved ones this year? Plant World has you covered. Consider a succulent for newcomers to the hobby, and string of pearls for more advanced gardeners. An orchid will please any plant aficionado. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Need help finding ideas for stocking stuffers? These 5 Toy Emporium items are going fast this year: sticky fingers, Rubik’s cubes, tarot cards, lucky cat figurines, and fidget spinners. We’re open 10-5pm tomorrow for your last-minute shopping needs! Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Product Wrapping Tips Campaign

As the holidays draw nearer, your leads and customers will be panicking. They may still have gifts to buy, and if they’ve already bought them, they still have to get them wrapped! Offer some tips so they’ll have an easier time. This will boost customer satisfaction—and remind them of your brand when they’re looking for last-minute presents. 

We know our candles can be hard to wrap. Here are some pointers! Consider wrapping them like a cough drop, tying the wrapping paper off at the top and bottom. If that’s too much trouble, just place the candle in a box and wrap that! (Pop into our store to pick one up if you don’t have one.) Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Wrapping your gifts? Let the GiftBoutique team help! Text us pictures of your gift from 9am-5pm, and our wrapping elves will help you decide the best way to wrap it up. Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Ready to boost your customer engagement strategy with business SMS? Read our Beginner’s Guide to SMS Customer Engagement.

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