12 Business SMS Greetings to Start the New Year on the Right Foot

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The new year is a great time to connect with customers. Communicating with customers in January ensures your brand will be top-of-mind all year long. Business SMS greetings are a simple and effective way to reach out.

Texts feel natural to your customers. This may be why they have a 98% open rate. Because customers receive most texts from friends and family members, they will feel like your business SMS greeting is an authentic message—as long as you ensure your text is either entirely benevolent or provides value. 

We’ve rounded up 12 business SMS greetings to help your company start the new year right. Feel free to tweak and use these greetings for your own purposes. 

Provide New Year’s Tips

Finally, you may want to consider offering tips for the new year. The tips you send will change depending on your industry and the products or services you sell. This is another way to connect with your customers while providing value. A New Year’s tip sent via business SMS might look like one of these four messages:

New year, new you! But you don’t necessarily have to buy new shoes quite yet. If you have a pair of boots that look droopy, use a plain leather conditioner on them before you look for another pair. —Sam’s Shoe Repair

Hi there, {{client name}}, Artists Inc. Creative here. Want some new marketing ideas for the new year? Check out our free Marketing Playlist >> {{link}}

Want to look hip in the new year? Try a balayage—this year’s hottest hair style. —Sunshine Salon 


Hello, {{customer name}}! Tom from DogWalks&Co here. Happy New Year. Trying to walk {{pet name}} more this year? Try the new Fredricksson Dog Park! It opens this Wednesday. 🐶

Share Your New Year’s Goals

For customers who are familiar with your brand, but don’t make regular purchases, you may want to share some New Year’s goals. Everyone has New Year’s resolutions, and offering up yours is a great way to connect with customers—while letting them know where your priorities lie. A New Year’s resolution business SMS greeting might look like one of these four examples: 

Hi, {{customer name}}! Got a New Year’s goal? We’ve got one too. This year, we’ll be expanding our offerings, so we have additional dance classes! Check out our schedule here >> {{link}} —Westside Gym

Hiya, {{client name}}! My New Year’s resolution is to wear a wider variety of outfits this year. I keep wearing the jeans and tees! What’s yours? —Jane Tristan, Stylist 💃

Hello, {{customer name}}, MileageTracker here. Big news: we’ve released an app for the New Year! Give it a test drive after downloading it here >> {{link}}

Hey, {{client name}}, it’s Mark from Sold Real Estate. Just wanted to let you know about our New Year’s resolution—to provide financial assistance to 5 local families purchasing their first home. Reply to nominate someone you know. 🏠

Offer Best Wishes

For loyal customers or regular clients who already know everything about your brand, it’s best to just send a simple New Year’s greeting. This will feel like an authentic message, ensuring they continue their strong relationship with your brand. Simple business SMS greetings might look like these four examples:

Hi, {{customer name}}, Happy New Year! ⭐
—ArtTools Subscription

Hey there, {{customer name}}, Petite Barre Studio here. We hope you have a happy and healthy new year! 💪

Happy New Year, {{client name}}!
—Smith Accounting

Hiya, {{customer name}}, Millennial Travel here. We wish you an adventurous new year!


Interested in using business SMS to connect with your customers this year? Try our platform for free.

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