New Year SMS greetings: 34 examples for your business

Woman reading SMS New Year's greetings

As we gear up for 2024, companies are preparing to deepen their connections with their leads, customers, employees, and business partners. New Year SMS greetings are an effective way to start the year on the right foot, laying the foundation for strong relationships that last the entire year.

Sending warm wishes via text lets you directly connect with your recipients through a channel they love. The trick to making a splash with your message is authenticity, which you can achieve by either offering sincere well-wishes or providing legitimate value. (Or both!)

Without further ado, here are 34 New Year message examples for both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We’ve divided them into messages for external parties, like customers, and internal parties, like employees. Feel free to adjust and use these greetings for your own purposes.

New Year messages for leads and customers

Regardless of your industry or specific business, New Year greetings can engage your leads and customers, generating lasting buzz. Explore a range of message types below, each tailored to resonate with your audience based on factors like your marketing strategy and goals.

Keeping it simple

If your team regularly sends updates and product tips through text, a simple New Year greeting may be the ticket. A well-thought-out, personalized text will let customers know that their relationship is a priority. Here are several examples of simple, personalized New Year’s greetings:








Including business updates

Simple New Year’s greetings work well for businesses that send a lot of content. But if your business texts sparingly, seize the chance to reconnect with your customers. For example, consider including essential information, like updated business hours or new policies. Here are some examples of New Year business greetings that include updates:






Providing tips

January 1 falls on a Monday this year, meaning a large portion of your customer base will be at work or running errands. Win their loyalty with a greeting that features a tip related to your products or industry. Here are some examples of Happy New Year SMS greetings with tips:




Sharing resolutions

For customers who are familiar with your brand but don’t make regular purchases, consider sharing your business’s New Year’s goals. Everyone can relate to New Year’s resolutions. Sharing yours helps you connect with customers while giving them insight into your brand’s culture and mission. Here are some examples of New Year SMS messages that share goals:





Striking up conversations

Conversational messaging is a strategy that focuses on sending content that starts conversations. For today’s consumers, who crave authenticity, it’s a more convincing way of connecting. Here are some examples of New Year SMS messages that spark engagement:






New Year messages for employees and business partners

Expand your focus beyond customer and lead relationships to include the invaluable connections within your professional circles. Business New Year greetings can invigorate your workplace culture and strengthen collaborations, setting the stage for a record-breaking year to come!

Connecting with employees

New Year business greetings can help cultivate a positive work environment. Set the tone for a positive year with an energetic text. Here are some examples of general and team-specific messages that keep good vibes going strong:






Reaching business partners

Partnerships are often the backbone of success, fueling growth and innovation. Fortify these game-changing relationships with genuine words of thanks. Here are some examples of New Year business greetings for external partners:






Building connections with New Year SMS messages

Crafting thoughtful Happy New Year SMS messages for leads, customers, employees, and business partners is a fantastic way to foster relationships.

Remember: these New Year business greetings examples are just a starting place. Jazz them up with your own company spirit to make the message stick. In addition, don’t forget to follow proper texting etiquette to ensure your message is well-received.

Here’s to a year of meaningful connections and thriving company culture!

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