How to Use Conversational Customer Engagement with Zapier Apps


Hands on laptop connecting Zapier apps to their conversational customer engagement platform

There’s a good chance you like Zapier. It’s a powerful tool, after all. Plus, it can help your team enhance your conversational customer engagement strategy. How?

Conversational customer engagement is all about building strong customer relationships through person-to-person messaging. With Zapier, your team can create cross-platform business text messaging automations that encourage customers to interact with your team.

Read on to learn three key ways to use conversational customer engagement with Zapier apps.

Ensure Order Satisfaction through a POS System

There’s a good chance you have a point of sale (POS) system if you’re a retail or eCommerce business. There’s also a good chance you use this system to send customers emails when their order statuses change.

A Zapier integration with your POS platform and your business text messaging platform empowers you to start using SMS for customer order communications. Before planning this integration, ensure your POS platform offers Zapier triggers. If it does, you will be able to set up the integration.

Use conversational customer engagement strategies to increase response rates. For example, you should:

  • Automate texts that send when an order status changes in your POS platform
  • Use an authentic, natural tone
  • Include your agent signature

A conversational customer engagement order update may look like the following example:

Hi {{customer name}}! Your order #{{order #}} has been delivered. Please let me know if you have questions about anything in your box! —Sandra with Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Business text messaging already has an open rate of 98% and an average response rate of 90 seconds. Using conversational customer engagement tactics will increase your response rate even more.

Stay In Touch with Members via a Membership Management Platform Integration

Membership management software is critical for subscription companies, gyms, and other member-reliant businesses. It’s how you keep member data organized. It can also allow you to create a simple sign-up system for appointments or classes, depending on your industry.

A Zapier integration between your membership management platform and your business text messaging platform can help you keep in touch with members. It can also help you ensure they’re making the most of their membership. As long as your membership management platform offers Zapier triggers, an integration is a great way to maximize both platforms.

Use conversational customer engagement strategies to improve the member experience. For example, you should automate your business text messaging platform to send:

  • Welcome texts or new member tips when a contact is added to the membership management platform or business text messaging platform
  • Appointment or class confirmations when an appointment is made in the membership management platform
  • Feedback requests during key points in the member journey (e.g., before yearly renewals)

A conversational customer engagement membership message may look like the following example:

Hi {{member name}}! You’ve signed up for {{next class}} on {{next class date}}. Don’t forget to bring {{next class equipment requirement}}! Just text back CANCEL if you need to cancel. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Your members are more likely to read and respond to texts, especially if they’re sent at key moments. Conversational customer engagement content is a great way to cultivate strong relationships with your member base.

Increase Survey Responses with a Survey Tool Integration

Survey tools can be a game changer. They make it easy to collect customer data, analyze it, and measure the improvements. However, getting customers to fill out these surveys can be a bit of a struggle.

A Zapier integration with your survey platform and your business text messaging platform can help you increase survey responses. Conversational customer engagement is a powerful survey support tool. And chances are, Zapier integrates with your preferred survey platform.

Use conversational customer engagement strategies to keep customers on top of surveys. For example, you should:

  • Automate SMS survey reminders for a certain amount of time after the original request is sent via email
  • Automate thank-you texts once a survey is marked as completed in the survey platform
  • Encourage customers to text in with any questions

A conversational customer engagement survey reminder may look like the following example:

Hi {{customer name}}! MealsBox sent an SMS survey to your email. We’re dying to know what you think about us! Text back if you have any questions. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Gentle reminders via SMS can encourage customers to quickly answer your surveys. Alternatively, they may reply with important questions. Either way, conversational customer engagement is an effective strategy for supporting your survey process—and it’s all possible with the help of Zapier.

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