New: Slack Enhancements


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Slack has become one of the most important tools in the business world, attracting over twelve million daily active users and 100 thousand paid customers. The streamlined chat userface empowers team members to coordinate on everything from internal projects to customer queries, leading the average user to spend 10 hours each weekday plugged into the app. With the addition of Slack SMS, professionals who use texting to communicate with customers can get even more out of their favorite business app. 

With a Slack SMS integration, professionals can send individual business text messages straight to customers from within their Slack interfaces. This integration empowers teams to collaborate more easily and streamline their business SMS workflows, contributing to faster response times and higher customer satisfaction. 

And with the new Slack enhancement, building relationships with customers through business SMS just got even more efficient. 

Send Mass Texts From Your Favorite Internal Chat App

Using Heymarket’s original Slack SMS integration, you could send a single message to a single contact through Slack. Now, you can send a message to more than one contact at the same time. 

This list broadcast feature will allow you to mass text a list of customers right from within Slack. Your initial messages will arrive to your customers’ phones as though you sent them individually, and you can reply to responses as they arrive in your shared inbox one by one. 

Limitless Use Cases For Multiple Industries

This new Slack SMS list broadcast tool has many use cases in every industry. 

For example, a retail company might send a mass text through Slack to alert employees of any training updates. A staffing agency might use the list broadcast feature to alert temp workers of potential shift changes. A local business might send a mass text to employees warning them about inclement weather during their commutes. 

Businesses can use the list broadcast tool with customers, too. A software company can text opted-in customers about a bug fix. A brick-and-mortar retailer can let event attendees know about a venue change or cancellation. An IT department might alert all locations of any service-related updates. A meal delivery company can remind all customers about a holiday schedule change. 

No matter which industry your business belongs to, the list broadcast tool makes it easier to quickly send important communications. 

New Slack Enhancement Set Up 

Once you’ve enabled the Slack SMS integration, it’s easy to start sending mass texts through your user interface. 

From your Slack channel, simply @heymarket <Enter list name> <Enter Message>, and the message will be sent to all contacts in your chosen list.


Need assistance navigating Slack SMS or the new list broadcast feature? We’re here to help.