Announcing an Update to Heymarket’s Zendesk SMS Integration

Zendesk SMS integration interface

The Zendesk SMS integration is one of our most popular features. It empowers customer service teams to combine their favorite customer support tool with their fastest communication tool, streamlining the customer experience. Now, it’s getting an upgrade. 

With our newest Zendesk SMS update, teams can centralize the customer experience further.

Get a Full Picture of the Customer Experience

The new Zendesk SMS update further connects the two platforms, enabling them to sync in real time. 

When customer service agents text customers from the Heymarket platform, those texts will automatically upload to Zendesk. They will also be associated with the corresponding Zendesk ticket. If the customers’ tickets don’t exist in Zendesk, Heymarket will create them with the appropriate contact.  

This two-way sync saves agents time that they might have spent uploading texts to Zendesk or creating tickets for new customer queries that arrive through Heymarket. Instead, they can focus on building strong customer relationships. 

Capitalize On Older Zendesk SMS Tools

The new Zendesk SMS integration update pairs well with existing features. Team members can:

  • Click a Heymarket widget within the Zendesk Support agent interface to read and reply to customer texts.
  • Use popular business texting features within Zendesk, including templates, scheduled messages, reminders, and emojis. 
  • Download the app quickly from the Zendesk Marketplace.

These tried-and-true features combined with new syncing capabilities make the Zendesk SMS integration one of the most powerful tools our platform has to offer. 


Have questions about this integration or Zendesk text messaging? Ask our team for help.

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