Text Messaging with Zapier and Heymarket

Heymarket business text messaging is used across a number of industries and scenarios. From appointment confirmations, tracking orders, following up with leads, or following up with qualified leads, SMS is the most effective way to keep your business moving forward. In many cases, those business process are stored and tracked in tools like spreadsheets, calendars, or CRM. Our customers have asked for a number of integrations.

We’re excited to announce that Heymarket now integrates with Zapier. That means that the over 1,000 business apps in Zapier can seamlessly work with Heymarket. We’ve built two of the most requested integrations directly into Zapier: send a message and update a contact.

Heymarket integrates with Zapier

Send a Message

Any Zapier enabled app can now send text messages via Heymarket. For example, once a customer completes a Typeform survey, you can have Zapier send them a confirmation text message with a personalized thank you. Or when someone schedules a Calendly meeting, Zapier can now send a reminder text message from a Heymarket template.

Update Contacts
We understand that most all businesses have existing data stores for contacts. For small businesses, that might mean Google Contacts or Google Sheets. For growing companies, that could be an easy to use CRM like Hubspot or Pipedrive. And enterprises utilize sophisticated tools like Salesforce.com. With the Heymarket Zapier text messaging integration, any new or updated contacts in any of those apps can create or update the corresponding contact in Heymarket. This means you’ll never need to manually import contacts from a CSV or keep their custom fields updates. The integration offers you a full view of each contact record as you send and receive messages with them.

Getting Started

The Heymarket Zapier integration is available today to any of our Team, or Enterprise subscribers. With ten Zapier templates ready to go, businesses can find a process to immediately text enable. We’re excited to see how you’ll utilize the Zapier Heymarket text messaging integration to streamline existing business processes.

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