Introducing Zapier Enhancements for Business Texting

Setting up business workflows.

It’s no wonder that Zapier is one of the most popular integrations Heymarket offers.

Because Heymarket seamlessly integrates with over 1,000 business apps in Zapier, businesses can easily import contacts from other business apps into Heymarket and automate workflows to streamline their operations.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced our Zapier integration—making it more flexible than ever. Now, users can create a trigger and subsequent action for every Heymarket text message.

Warmer Welcomes

Previously, businesses could create a trigger and action sequence with the formation of a new contact in a CRM database, automatically sending a templated message to the new customer. For example, if a Joe’s Auto service associate added a new customer to the official text-approved list in Salesforce, Heymarket could send a templated message to his or her number confirming the subscription.

Now, businesses can automatically send a free-form, custom message to that new customer. Heymarket can even pull information from Salesforce’s custom fields to personalize the message, too. Instead of receiving a general automatic message from Heymarket, the customer can now receive a personalized text such as:

Hello {{first name}}, this is Joe’s Auto! You’ve signed up to receive texts about services for your {{car year}} {{car make}} {{car model}}. Please reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.

A New Trigger

Previously, only an initial message from a contact could spur an action within Zapier. If an established customer texted Woof Salon to let them know that his or her pet needed a grooming session, a text listing chat hours and associate availability could be automatically sent in reply.

But if the customer sent another message in five minutes mentioning that he or she would like to make the appointment as quickly as possible, the system would not be able to trigger another action.

With the new Zapier enhancements, any incoming message from a contact can be assigned an action. For example, a customer’s second message could trigger a notification to a top-level manager. The manager could quickly attend to him or her, setting up an appointment and securing another brand loyalist in the process.

Setting Up New Integrations

If you’ve never used Zapier before (or had a former employee set it up), creating new triggers and actions can seem intimidating—but don’t worry; it’s a breeze.

You can find detailed setup instructions here that will guide you through the entire process. With these new updates, your options are:


  • Chat Started: triggers when a new chat arrives in an inbox
  • New or Updated Contact: triggers when a contact is created or updated
  • Incoming Message: triggers with any incoming message (including third parties)


  • Create or Update Contact: creates or updates a contact
  • Send Template Message: sends a text from a predefined template
  • Update List: adds or removes contacts from a Heymarket list
  • Send Custom Message: sends a custom message that can be created through a third party

These Zapier enhancements are key to kicking your sales, support, and marketing teams into high gear. Need help mastering Zapier or any of Heymarket’s other integrations? Contact the Heymarket Customer Success team.

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