Shared SMS Numbers and Inboxes for Teams

Most customer interactions involves a team working together to create a delightful experience. Whether it’s a support team resolving an issue or a sales team answering questions, sharing messages is critical to customer satisfaction.

We’re excited to announce that shared numbers and inboxes are now available with our text service for business. As a team admin, you can create one inbox per department, per region, or even one per employee. You have full control over which teammates can access each inbox and the messages within it. The team members with access can read messages and quickly reply with any shared templates. They can also assign conversations to themselves to help focus and limit notifications.

Heymarket customers are using shared inboxes in a variety of ways:

  • Customer Support – create a phone number to share with your best customers who can text with specific questions they may have. You can create templates with common replies and allow anyone on your team to quickly follow up.
  • Inbound lead generation – publish your Heymarket number on a website or marketing materials. Prospects can text the number once they’re interested, and your team can reply when customer interest is at its highest.
  • Operations – create a shared inbox for your team to message with partners, vendors, or contractors. You can use it to coordinate orders, deliveries, and status.

Shared Inbox

Shared inboxes are available today with the Heymarket iOS app, Android app, and Heymarket Web on your computer. New and existing customers get this feature at no additional cost. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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