How Text Messaging Can Impact Overall Business Growth

Business Text Messaging

It’s been over two decades since text messaging was first introduced, and it’s certainly changed over the years. While text messaging is still used to make plans with friends, keep in touch with family, and avoid talking to people face to face, it’s also being used by businesses to reach customers. If you own a business and haven’t included text messaging in your marketing strategies yet, you’re missing out on developing long-lasting relationships with customers. For companies struggling to reach customers, learn how business text messaging can put you on an even playing field.

Improve the Customer Experience

You might laugh, but the truth is that people don’t want to talk to each other as much anymore, especially businesses. More people would rather text a question to a business than pick up the phone and place a call. If you don’t give customers this option, you could miss out on ways to engage with new customers.

Retain Business

Do you operate a business that relies on people showing up for their appointments? Whether you run a medical office, hair salon, or dental office, you want to make sure people know to show up. Sending out text messaging retains customers and gives them an easy way to respond if there is a problem. It frees your employees up for other tasks, too. They don’t have to spend all their time making phone calls to confirm appointments.

Mobile Business Is Big Business

Fewer and fewer people use laptops or desktop computers to place orders and make service calls. Instead, they are on their smartphones. Companies that integrate a business text messaging solution into their mobile sites increase their sales and business growth. Make it easy for your customers to text you right away when they’re on their phones perusing your site. Shop for business services that allow you to embed text messaging widgets on your website. You’ll be amazed at how quickly leads get converted into sales when you include a “click to text” option.

Market to Today’s Demographic

More and more, you’re marketing to millennials. This group of consumers expects a business text messaging solution. Millenials don’t want to receive insurance quotes over email or discuss service contracts on the phone. They want to use their fingertips to request quotes and touch a link to a PDF that includes pricing and service details. Make it easy for your customers and increase your sales by integrating text messaging into your marketing plan.

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