How Demand Boost Helps Its Clients Convert Leads with SMS Marketing

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End Results

Increased bookings and appointment show-ups for clients by up to 30%

Eighty-three percent of businesses think their digital marketing efforts are effective in helping them reach their goals. It’s no wonder, then, that so many companies hire media agencies to help them get results quickly. Offering everything from online advertising to website design, media agencies are experts at increasing leads and earning conversions for their clients. 

Demand Boost is a performance-based media agency that focuses on healthcare companies. Their top clients are chiropractors, medical spas, dentists, and personal injury attorneys. Because Demand Boost so reliably achieves results, they have an average client retention time of six years.

All clients have to do is list their budget and their goal, such as an increased number of qualified and paying customers. Then Demand Boost’s expert team decides which tools will best achieve those goals within the clients’ budget. While the Demand Boost team spends a fair amount on initial advertising, they’ve found that follow-ups are the best way to secure customers for their clients. 

In the beginning, Demand Boost started adding phone call-only numbers to their advertisements. Customers could call in to get information about setting up an appointment. However, many customers texted in, and clients had no way to respond. Plus, following up with leads via phone calls was time-consuming for Demand Boost. 

After realizing that calls were inefficient, Demand Boost’s co-founder and president, Amir Asadi, decided to test SMS marketing for ad agencies. 

The Fastest Follow-Ups Around: SMS Marketing for Ad Agencies

Originally, Demand Boost focused on Google search ads to generate leads for their clients. Because people who click on Google search ads are often already looking for a particular service, they convert easily. Many times, follow-up isn’t even needed. But today’s popular Facebook ads are served to people who are oftentimes browsing unrelated content. Once Demand Boost started using social media ads for lead generation, they realized that follow-up is critical. 

However, leads don’t tend to answer calls often, especially the first few times they see a new number. Plus, when a brand earns a lot of leads, it’s time-consuming to call them all and, if they answer, have full conversations. That’s why Amir decided to switch to SMS marketing for ad agencies. 

With business SMS, Demand Boost could easily send dozens of personalized follow-up texts in a single click. Plus, because most people text—and carry their phones with them—Demand Boost experienced a significant increase in responses to their ads. Automated follow-ups also increased the number of conversions, without requiring extra work from their team.  

Demand Boost started using SMS marketing with a legacy business SMS platform, but Amir found that the platform didn’t offer the right mix of functionality and value for his agency. After some market research, he found a platform that offered all of the advanced features he needed with a pricing structure that could grow with his business—Heymarket. 

How SMS Marketing Expedites Personalized Follow-Ups

After a few days of integrating Heymarket with his other favorite apps via Zapier, Amir realized that Heymarket offered the perfect combination of user-friendly yet advanced features. He quickly trained his marketing team on Heymarket’s features. He also set up one-hour training sessions with his clients. 

Amir and his team quickly found their favorite business text messaging tools: 

Templates. Templates are pre-written messages that team members can use over and over. Demand Boost created multiple basic templates that their clients can use to respond to incoming lead texts. They also create new, targeted templates for SMS marketing campaigns. Team members leave space for custom fields, which the SMS marketing platform can fill in when needed. These templates can be tweaked each time they are used. 

Lists. Demand Boost team members create lists of leads based on the criteria of their choice. When they are ready to send a text, they simply choose a template and click “send.” The Heymarket platform uses merge tokens to dynamically insert custom field information into texts, allowing marketers to send dozens or hundreds of personalized messages within minutes. 

SMS Drip Campaigns. Most often, Demand Boost uses business SMS to send 30-day SMS marketing campaigns. They send leads videos, before-and-after pictures, informational texts, and other content on a regular schedule. This keeps their clients’ leads hot until they schedule an appointment or come in for a consultation.

Mobile apps. With Heymarket’s mobile app, Demand Boost’s clients can respond to incoming customer texts on-the-go. Like texts sent from the web app, texts sent from Heymarket’s mobile app are saved in the main business platform.

The Impact of SMS Marketing

After signing up for Heymarket in the fall of 2018, Amir saw astonishing success. He carefully tested Heymarket for two weeks with a single client, and found that the platform improved business results and streamlined their team. Heymarket helped Demand Boost:

Earn more bookings and show-ups. Because business text messaging allows teams to quickly follow up with leads, the Demand Boost team could keep leads hot. With Heymarket, Demand Boost’s clients see 30% more customers book and show up for appointments. This can be worth thousands of dollars in extra revenue each week for each client. 

Streamline the follow-up process. For clients who earned a lot of leads, it was easy to simply add them to an SMS drip campaign to follow up with them regularly. Because the texts were personalized, the recipients felt like they were communicating with a real person, not a bot. 

“We saw a 30% increase in conversions.” —Amir Asadi, Co-Founder and President of Demand Boost 

Attract more clients. Business text messaging is becoming more and more attractive to clients who want results quickly. By offering business SMS, Demand Boost draws in more clients who want Demand Boost to use SMS marketing on their behalf.

The Future of Demand Boost and SMS Marketing

While Demand Boost is mainly using Heymarket with medical spa and chiropractor clients, Amir plans to expand the use to all of the other industries the Demand Boost Team works with. For clients with a large number of leads, business text messaging is simply the best way to follow up. 

“Just having business text messaging as a marketing option attracts companies to our service.” —Amir Asadi, Co-Founder and President of Demand Boost 

As Demand Boost discovered, business text messaging:

  • Increases lead conversions. Demand Boost clients see an increase of up to 30% in conversions. 
  • Streamlines the follow-up process. Demand Boost spends little time automating follow-up campaigns. 
  • Attracts more clients. Because business text messaging is growing in popularity, potential clients are keen to find that Demand Boost offers an SMS marketing service.


Want to increase conversions? Learn more about using SMS marketing today.

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