Customizable blank text message templates for educational and professional use

Blank text message template

Visuals are a surefire way to enhance presentations, whether you’re speaking to students, employees, or clients. But you need relevant visuals to drive a point home, and it can be difficult to get them when you’re talking about texting. There just aren’t many realistic text images out there—especially if you want to add unique language to the messages.

That’s why we’ve created realistic, blank text message templates for you to download. Use them in lessons, trainings, and presentations to better engage your audience and reinforce your messaging.

Here’s a preview of the template:

Blank text template to use for presentations or education

Choose the template format below to start downloading them, and scroll down to check out our tips for more ways to put them to use.

Get the text message template as a slide presentation.

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Get the text message template as a PDF.

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Blank text messages for your classroom

Blank text templates can enhance lessons and activities, driving your learning objectives home. Here are three ways to use blank text templates in your classroom.

Teaching new languages

Practicing is key to learning a new language. Ask students to fill in a blank text conversation between two people while using new vocabulary words. Or, fill in the blank conversations yourself and ask students to translate.

Practicing writing skills

Most students are familiar with text-speak, but struggle when switching to formal writing. Present a filled-in text conversation next to a formal essay and ask students to find differences. You might also ask students to translate texts to formal emails.

Testing lesson comprehension

Informal assessments help you check lesson comprehension quickly. Share blank text message templates and ask students to turn dialogue from a story into a text conversation. They might even retell a historical event through texts.

Blank text messages for professionals

Blank text message templates are powerful visual aids and activity tools for trainings and presentations. Here are two ways to include them in your workday.

Amplifying training segments

Practice is the best way to engage your team and solidify the tips they learn in your training sessions. Fill in an entire blank text conversation, then have the team identify what they might do differently in that situation. Or, fill in one blank text with an example incoming message and ask participants to record an appropriate response.

Enhancing client presentations

Slides (like PowerPoints) are a powerful tool for visually supporting your presentations. Fill in blank text message templates to demonstrate potential customer conversations. You might even end a presentation with FAQs cleverly integrated into a text message conversation.

Looking for examples of filled-out text templates? Check out our SMS templates generator.

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