Announcing A New Feature: Status

More and more businesses have a distributed workplace, meaning that their teams don’t always work from the same office—or even the same city. While these distributed workplaces have a wide variety of benefits for teams, without the right tools, teammates can struggle to communicate. 

Take customer service teams, for example. When customer service agents work from the same office, they can look around to see who is available to answer their questions or take over a customer chat. When team members work from various locations, even just different rooms in the same office, it is hard to tell who is available to take on a customer request or follow-up.

That’s why we added the Status feature to the Heymarket platform. 

Our new team-friendly feature helps coworkers identify who is available at the moment, establish their own availability, and improve overall resource management. Read on to learn more.

Know Who’s Online Right Now

Even when all team members work in the same office, that doesn’t mean they work right next to one another. In a lot of cases, it can be difficult to tell who exactly is available to receive an incoming message or help with a complex customer conversation. 

With real-time presence, your teams can now see who is on their mobile or web app to help out. This capability empowers team members to stop wasting time pinging unavailable coworkers. Instead, they’ll know who is ready to leap in to assist. 

Customer service agent status

Additionally, team members can also see in real-time who is viewing a customer conversation, so that they can know if they need to ask someone else for assistance or if someone is about to help but is reviewing the contents of the chat first.

Manage Your Own Availability

Even if a team member is technically online, he or she may be occupied with another task. When that coworker doesn’t respond to a ping, team members can become frustrated or confused. 

With Status, team members can actively publicize their availability. If team members are stuck on a time-consuming or urgent task they can quickly switch their status to indicate that. Team members can even set their statuses for a longer period of time, so that vacations or time spent out of the office can go undisturbed. This removes the guesswork from team availability. 

With an upcoming feature, team members who are available can set the Heymarket platform to automatically route messages to them, helping improve the flow of incoming customer messages. 

Improve Overall Resource Management

We’re hard at work enhancing the Status feature. 

Administrators will be able to review the volume of incoming customer messages alongside the number of available agents. With this key information, they can more easily dole out assignments, improving resource management and getting replies to customers faster than ever before.

Have feedback on this new feature? Let us know.

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