5 Examples Of Using Emojis With Business SMS

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Emojis are one of the most fun aspects of messaging today. They are so fun, in fact, that 92% of the world’s online population uses them. Due to the astonishing popularity of emojis, the emoji dictionary has been expanded to include 2,823 emojis total, covering various animals, facial expressions, objects, and more.  

But some businesses don’t know that they can capitalize on emojis, too. Emojis are versatile images that can change the tone of a business SMS conversation for the better.

That’s why we rounded up the top 5 ways teams can use emojis with business texting, from clarifying a message’s meaning to building closer relationships.

Using Emojis To Show You’re Human

One of the reasons consumers like texting with businesses is the more personal nature of business SMS. People carry their phones with them everywhere, using them to talk with friends and loved ones throughout the day. They like the human nature of texting, which means that team members who use business texting need to emphasize that they are people and not bots.

There are a few ways to humanize business SMS. Using a recipient’s name in a text lets them know that you know who they are. Adding a short personalized signature lets the recipient know you’re a real person. But throwing in a fun emoji or two—in appropriate conversations, of course—can be one of the best ways to show your recipient that you have a personality, too.

For example, here’s a standard conversation that could use an emoji to liven it up:

Customer: Hi there. Could you let me know the status of the deal?

Business: Hi, Amy! Great news. The contract has been signed! 🤝

Automatic reply messages can benefit from emojis, too:

Business: I’m out of the office from June 3 to June 9. I’ll be happy to answer your message once I return!  ✈️

Using Emojis To Clarify A Message’s Meaning

In conversations over phones, text, or email, meaning can easily get lost. After all, humans are highly visual people, and without visual clues like facial expressions and gestures, the content of a message can get lost in translation.

Business SMS especially suffers because it is mostly conducted in plain text. In some business texting conversations, a bit of visual assistance is needed to clarify the tone of a message.

This short chat, for example, would have had an entirely different tone without an emoji:

Customer: What time are you open today?

Business: We open at 10. 😀

Customer: Thanks!

Using Emojis To Alleviate Tension

Emotional or concerning conversations should almost always take place over the phone, though email can also be a good way to provide lengthy explanations or instructions. However, sometimes customers simply do not want to communicate through a channel other than business SMS.

In these cases, it’s best to communicate through the channel your customer prefers. However, diffusing a tense situation via text can be difficult. In these cases, tactfully insert emojis to convey your concern.

This conversation, for example, started off on a positive note because of the emojis used within it.

Customer: I want to file a complaint.

Business: Hi Jane, I am so sorry to hear this. 😯 Please tell me how I can help.

Customer: Thank you. I’ll send pictures now.  

You can also use an emoji when you give bad news, but ensure your emoji conveys sympathy with your customer.

Customer: Can you tell me where my order (X25D) is located?  

Business: Hi Jane, it looks like order X25D has been delayed for 2 days due to a backup in the factory. 😞

Customer: Okay! Good to know. Thanks.

Using Emojis To Speed Up Wait TimesKeyboard with emoji

Sometimes, it simply might take a while for you to get an answer for a customer during a business SMS conversation. Whether you need to contact your manager or wait for an outside party to email you back, there is sometimes a bit of lag.

When there is wait time involved in the middle of a business texting conversation, you have to do your best to ensure your customer knows that you’re trying your best to obtain an answer for them as quickly as possible.

In these cases, a combination of multiple emojis may be called for:

Customer: How long will this take.

Business: It looks like HR is writing me back now! 🤞

Customer: Ok

*Three minutes later*

Business: I’m checking in with our finance department now, just a few more minutes! 😅

Customer: Sure, thanks

Using Emojis To Build A Closer Relationship

In the end, emojis show off your team’s human side, empowering you to connect with your business SMS recipients in a meaningful, fun way.

By using simple emojis to end conversations, you’ll let your customers know that you truly want what’s best for them. This kind of comradeship builds close business-customer relationships, ultimately encouraging customers to communicate with your team again if the need arises.

Customer: Great, that’s all I need.  

Business: Awesome, Kara! I’m glad I could help you today. 😊

Customer: Me, too. Have a good day. 🙂

Want to learn more about using emojis with business SMS? We’re here to help.

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