3 Home Services Workflows to Automate with Business Texting Solutions

Electrician using business texting solution

If you’re like most home services companies, you probably rely on a small group of back-office team members who juggle multiple roles at once. These operations employees may find themselves doing the same repetitive tasks over and over. Business texting solutions can help reduce the number of repetitive tasks they have to manage on a daily basis.

At a basic level, your business SMS platform helps your team communicate quickly with clients. If you have an advanced platform, you can also automate some SMS workflows. Automating key administrative workflows reduces your team’s workload, empowering them to focus on their most complex tasks.

Read on to learn how to automate 3 home services workflows with business texting solutions.

Initial Outreach

Sending customers a welcome message as soon as they sign up for your SMS services shows that your brand is responsive and begins one-on-one conversations. It’s also a good opportunity to ensure they meant to opt into your SMS service in the first place and add them to the appropriate lists. But reaching out to each new opt-in individually is challenging—especially after hours. 

It’s easy to set up a simple automation that immediately sends new contacts a welcome message and adds them to a list. Your team must:

  • Set up a trigger/action sequence that adds new contacts to a “New Customers” list after they text in the opt-in keyword 
  • Create an initial outreach SMS template that includes a welcome message and opt-in confirmation
  • Set up a additional trigger/action sequence that sends the template to customers after they text in the opt-in keyword

Your initial outreach template may look like this example: 

Hello, {{customer name}}! Thanks for opting in to Smith Plumbing’s SMS line. Text in with questions about our services, and we’ll reply within 30 minutes. Text STOP to unsubscribe.  

Automating your initial outreach workflow saves your team time—and ensures customers know you’re ready to chat when they are. 

Appointment Confirmations and Reminders 

Your home services business makes its revenue from appointments. That’s why your team spends so much time carefully confirming appointments and sending appointment reminders. But sending each appointment confirmation and reminder individually can consume a lot of valuable time. 

You can easily set up appointment reminders at the end or beginning of each week with business texting solutions. You team must:

  • Create a list of customers who have appointments in a certain number of days
  • Create a templated confirmation text and schedule it for a specific time and date
  • Add the customers to an SMS drip campaign that sends reminders after a certain number of days

An appointment reminder template may look like this example:

Hi, {{customer name}}! Don’t forget your appointment with our electrician, Jose, on {{date of appointment}} at {{time of appointment}}. Reply with RESCHEDULE to find a different time or CONFIRM to confirm. Text STOP to unsubscribe.  

Automating the appointment confirmation and reminder sequence will free up valuable hours for your team—while reducing no-shows. 

Feedback and Review Requests

Feedback and reviews help your business improve your services—and get the word out about them. But sending feedback and review requests after each and every customer appointment can consume a lot of time. Even with a fast channel like business SMS, remembering to send the requests one-by-one is a challenge.

Your team can automate the feedback and review request process with business texting solutions. Your team can:

  • Create a feedback request template and an online review request template
  • Set up a trigger/action sequence that sends the feedback request template to customers once you’ve changed their custom fields to “appointment complete” or a similar status
  • Set up a trigger/action sequence that sends the online review request template to customers once you’ve changed their custom fields to “feedback provided”

A feedback request template may look like this example: 

Hi there, {{customer name}}! Peninsula Plumbing here. Would you like to leave some feedback for your appointment with {{plumber name}} on {{past appointment date}}? Text back with your rating from 1-5, 5 being awesome, 1 being not so great. Feel free to include comments. Text STOP to unsubscribe.  

Feedback request and online review request automations help your team improve your business and promote your brand online—all without extra work from your team. 


Need help setting up your automations? Reach out to our team for help.

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