10 Holiday SMS Templates for the 2021 Holiday Season

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The holiday season is approaching again, and the world is still not quite back to normal. Regardless, experts predict that this will be another record-breaking year for holiday sales.

Of course, record-breaking sales mean that you can expect a higher volume of messages in your SMS inboxes. You’ll also have a larger number of customers needing real-time SMS guidance for your shopping services, like curbside pickup. And customers expect a personalized experience with each and every message you send.

With help from our 2021 holiday SMS templates, you can expedite your SMS conversations and keep that personal touch customers crave, all while making this holiday season especially merry and bright for your customers.

What Are SMS Templates?

SMS templates are messages that you can use over and over. They can help you send a single text to a list of your customers, set up auto replies, or answer customers quickly.

You can include custom fields in these templates to insert customer details such as first names or loyalty statuses. When you use custom fields in a text that you send to a list of customers, your business SMS platform inserts each individual’s details into outgoing messages. That way, you can send many highly personalized texts at once.

Let’s explore 10 holiday SMS templates that you can use to spread cheer, encourage engagement, and boost sales.

Auto Reply Holiday SMS Templates

Updating your auto replies for the holidays is a good idea on multiple levels. First, it’s an easy way to add some holiday cheer to your usual SMS auto replies. It’s also a good practice to re-evaluate auto replies with updated response times and business hours during the busiest time of the year. Use emojis and direct mentions to get the holiday spirit across:

Season’s Greetings! You’ve reached California Shoe Supply. One of our team members will be with you in 5-10 minutes. ❄️  Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hello there, {{customer name}}! Our holiday hours started in November. We’ll be open for in-person shopping and curbside pickups from 9am – 9pm until New Year’s Day. Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Shopping Information Holiday SMS Templates

The holiday shopping season continues to shift as supply chains strain, hiring lags, and COVID-19 carries on. Customers may be unsure about businesses’ safety protocols, like which are providing curbside pickup and what services may or may not be offered. Ensure customers know how they can shop with you through holiday update texts:

It’s the best time of year, {{customer name}}! Heads up that Unique Gifts Boutique will be open for online, curbside, and in-store shopping this holiday season. Text TELL ME MORE for more info. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Hey from the Online Desk Supplies Emporium! This holiday season, we’re advising customers to place their orders early to beat the online rush. Check your email for details on ordering deadlines! Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Curbside and In-store Pickup Holiday SMS Templates

Curbside pickup is still going strong during the second year of COVID-19. Update your current curbside pickup templates to give customers a taste of the holiday spirit they’re missing inside your doors:

Hi {{customer name}}, thanks for placing your curbside pickup order with Shoe Superstore. Please wait for an order-ready text from us before you pick up your goodies! 🎁  Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Your in-store pickup order #{{latest order #}} is ready, {{customer name}}! Please head to the second counter at the back of our {{pick-up location}} when you’re ready to come in. It’s the one decorated with lights! Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Gift Service Holiday SMS Templates

Customers often talk with store associates to help them find gifts for friends and family. But with some customers opting out of in-person shopping this holiday season, you need to find another way to connect with them. Consider offering a VIP holiday SMS gift service, where your team offers advice based on the information customers provide:

Hi {{customer name}}! Our Holistic Essence Decor team is on standby, waiting to answer your questions about gifts for friends and family. Tell us about your recipient’s relationship to you and their favorite things. Then we’ll recommend a few gifts! Text GIFT to get started. Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hey {{customer name}}—need a last-minute gift for someone special? Ask our gift team for help! Text SNOW to get started. Text Stop to unsubscribe. 

Holiday Greeting SMS Templates

A simple holiday greeting is a great way to keep your customers engaged with your business—while showing that you genuinely care about them. Depending on your business, you may want to keep your holiday wishes secular to be as inclusive as possible:

Happy Turkey Day, {{customer name}}! The PetBox team hopes you’re letting {{pet name}} join in on the celebration with plenty of treats! 🦃 Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Hiya {{customer name}}, Beauty Stop here. Have you heard about our holiday poll? Text us with your favorite candle scent. Until next year, every purchase will come with the top pick for free! Text STOP to unsubscribe from our SMS list.

Bringing Joy to Customers During a Shifting Holiday Season

This year’s holiday shopping will be a digital-first experience. With your help, customers will navigate it with ease and even satisfaction. SMS holiday templates will empower you to provide fast, personalized customer service with an extra dash of holiday spirit.


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