10 Holiday Marketing Messages to Keep Shoppers’ Spirits Up

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many people—but the temperature’s still dropping, and other people aren’t thrilled by the darker days. In fact, up to 25% of Americans experience some form of the winter blues. Help brighten your customers’ day by carefully considering how you connect with them.

Most of your customers (89%) prefer to connect with you via messaging. It’s easy and convenient for them. Providing holiday communications via SMS can make their lives a little easier. Plus, you can share some joy with your customers through holiday marketing messages, which may include winter-focused emojis or tidings of joy.

Read on to explore 10 holiday marketing messages that will keep your customers’ spirits up.

How Can You Send Holiday Marketing Messages?

Your business text messaging platform should allow you to create SMS templates. These templates allow you to send a single message to many recipients at once, time and time again. You can even use custom fields to personalize these templates with customers’ information, like first names and loyalty statuses. When you press send, your business SMS platform will insert the personalized information for each individual recipient.

Where Can You Send Holiday Marketing Messages?

Business SMS platforms can send holiday marketing messages to both native SMS apps and third-party messaging services, like Facebook Messenger.

In most cases, you should send holiday marketing messages via SMS to customers who have opted in to your SMS services. But if you’ve only chatted with certain customers through a channel like Instagram Messenger or WhatsApp, you can send a message through there. (Read more about each messaging platform’s unique messaging capabilities.)

10 Holiday Marketing Messages

Your messages should offer customers some sort of value, whether they feature funny GIFs that spark a laugh or important information about holiday orders. In addition, use conversational marketing techniques when you send holiday messages. In other words, you should be attempting to spark conversations with your texts, rather than just sharing coupons or sale details. This encourages customers to reach out and connect with your team, so you can build strong customer relationships that last well beyond New Year’s Eve.

Holiday Greetings

Holiday greetings are an easy way to show customers you’re thinking about them on important days. They also help you stay on top of customers’ minds. Add emojis and GIFs to your holiday greetings to add a dash of joy:

Happy Thanksgiving {{customer name}}! Hope you’re enjoying your MealBox Plus this weekend. Text TURKEY for our holiday customer service hours. Text STOP to unsubscribe.


Happy New Year from the Seafire Salon team, {{customer name}}! We’ll open for the first services of the year on January 3. Text SCHEDULE to get something on our books! 🌟  Text STOP to unsubscribe.

VIP Holiday Services

There’s nothing like a free holiday service to cheer up customers—and encourage them to purchase a little something, too. If you run an eCommerce or retail store, consider offering a gift advice service or even a holiday clothing stylist service. Customers can text in and receive free advice from your team of experts. Make sure your holiday service announcement has an easy-to-follow CTA:

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? Let our gift specialists help! Text GIFT to start a one-on-one advice session with a Unique Gifts expert gift-giver. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Got a holiday party coming up, and can’t figure out what shoes to pair with that velvet dress? Text STYLE, and one of Vintage Superstore’s stylists will come to your rescue! 💃 Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Holiday Poll

There’s nothing like a holiday-centric poll to get customers engaged—and even competitive. Offer a general poll to get them interested or a brand-specific poll to get insights into their holiday shopping preferences. Don’t forget to share the results afterwards!

Settle a WineBox team dispute. Which is better on a cold winter’s night: mulled wine or hot spiked cider? Text WINE or CIDER to have your vote count! Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Pick a holiday flick: It’s a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story. Text LIFE or STORY to vote! Winner will be featured across all MovieClubDaily accounts until the New Year. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Industry-Related Holiday Tips

Holiday tips help customers make the most out of your products and encourage them to purchase more. Provide product tips, real-life use examples, and more to help them make the most of your product during the cheeriest season of the year. Target lists based on past purchases to make your holiday marketing messages even more relevant:

Hi {{customer name}}! Have you had a chance to use your Fall Spice Gift Set from Online Spice Emporium? Check out our fall recipes in your email to get a taste of what your spices can do! Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Good news {{customer name}} — we’ve just updated your TasteCrate account with dozens of holiday bites! Check out your options through your online account. ⛄  Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Holiday Order Updates

Nothing can keep customers’ holiday spirits up like news that their orders have shipped or are arriving. Add a sprinkle of holiday cheer to up the merriment:

Hello, {{customer name}}, Books Online has shipped order #{{current order #}}. Keep an eye out for your holiday reads! 📚 ❄️ Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Hi {{customer name}}. Your Ground Beans order is on the way. Here’s to great coffee through the New Year! ☕  Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Using Holiday Marketing Messages to Add Value and Spread Cheer

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for your customers. But with help from these templates, you can keep customers updated about your operations and their orders—while sharing the holiday spirit.


Looking for more holiday marketing messages or strategies? Check out our blog.

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