Apple Business Chat with Your Customers

Apple Business Chat (beta) and Heymarket make it simple to meet your customers where they are. They never have to install an app and message directly from their iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch. Heymarket was designed from the ground up for teams and administrators. So your company will stay productive and secure while messaging with customers.

Apple Business Chat and Heymarket

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How Companies Can Use Apple Business Chat with Messages

selecting products using apple business chat

Quick, Productive Chats for Customers

With Apple Business Chat, customers can quickly select product options and message with your agents without having to install an app. With a customizable interface, customers will immediately recognize your business.

using apple business chat for scheduling

Messages Makes Scheduling Easy

Among the most popular Apple Business Chat examples is making it easy for customers to schedule appointments with your business. With Heymarket's intuitive templates and integrations, administrators can create a variety of date/time options for customers to select from.

purchasing products and services through apple business chat

Conversational Commerce

Heymarket and Business Chat make conversational commerce simple for consumers and businesses. Just setup a Heymarket template with product information such as the name, photo, and price, and agents can immediately access it to send to customers. With Apple Pay support, consumers can now purchase your products and services in Messages.

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Schedule a demo to learn more about how Apple Business Chat and Heymarket can work for your business.

heymarket templates for apple business chat customer service

Messages Keeps Teams Productive

Heymarket’s intuitive productivity features keeps teams productive while messaging with customers over Apple Business Chat. Shared inboxes, templates, assignments, and scheduled messages ensure your team never misses a beat. Agent features seamlessly work with Heymarket's native iOS app, so people can message even while away from their desk.

performance insight on agents using apple business chat

Track Customer Interactions

Powerful reporting gives managers insights into agent productivity and messaging usage. Keep track of commonly used templates, which chats are most time consuming, and which team members require additional training. Improve response and resolution times by tracking agent key performance metrics.

automating sms workflow with heymarket and apple business chat

Apple Business Chat Helps Automate Workflows

With Apple Business Chat partners like Heymarket, your department can automate existing workflows with easy to configure triggers and actions. Automations can be setup based on keyword, date, day or first incoming message. From there, Heymarket can auto reply, assign a chat, or even add a customer to a list.

enterprise integration privacy controls with heymarket

Proven and Enterprise Grade

Heymarket provides managers and IT administrators the necessary, enterprise grade tools to stay in control of messages and gain insights. Determine which team members have access to which customer messages, track KPIs with built in reports, export and archive chats, integrate with popular SaaS applications, or use the full featured API for further customization.

Rich, Team Based Messaging

Heymarket was designed from the ground up for teams. Agents can add private comments to loop in co-workers and managers, who then get notified to reply. It's the quickest way to get the best answer to a customer in a timely fashion. Rather than use SMS, customers get richer Business Chat messages that can be used to select products, schedule an appointment, or even complete a payment.

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Schedule a demo to learn more about how Apple Business Chat and Heymarket can work for your business.