Instagram Messaging and SMS Integrations: A Quick Guide

Instagram Messaging user texting with SMS integration

Instagram Messaging allows customers to reach out through a channel they love. With help from SMS integrations, you can provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience for them. 

How Do Instagram Messaging and SMS Integrations Work Together?

In essence, SMS integrations help you connect Instagram Messaging with other third-party apps. 

To use Instagram Messaging with SMS integrations, you first need to ensure Instagram is integrated with your business SMS platform. This main integration empowers you to answer all customer queries, whether they’re from native SMS apps or Instagram, in a single shared inbox.

Then, your business SMS platform can help share data between all of your web apps. Instagram Messaging and the other apps can “speak” to one another too, empowering one platform to take actions based on triggers in the other. 

The following five SMS integrations will help you create an interconnected app ecosystem and provide a streamlined experience for Instagram users. 

CRM System Integration

A CRM system integration, like Salesforce SMS, helps you keep track of customer data. 

As soon as a customer reaches out through Instagram, your CRM will automatically update with new customer information. If that customer provides any key information, like their SMS number, you can record it in your business SMS platform. Then, your CRM system will automatically update with that data. If the customer’s information is already logged in your CRM system, any custom fields and history will show up in your business SMS platform. 

You can use this accurate customer information to carefully tailor each Instagram message you send. 

Customer Service Platform Integration

A customer service platform integration, like Zendesk SMS or HelpScout SMS, offers the same data-syncing capabilities as a CRM system integration. 

Your customer service platform will automatically update with any new contact information. The Instagram messages will also automatically be logged to the customer service platform. That way, you can review your email, SMS, and Instagram messages side-by-side. Like with the CRM system integration, pre-recorded contact information from your customer service platform will show up in your business SMS platform. 

You can use your customer service platform SMS integration to reply to each Instagram message with personalized data and content. Plus, you can get a clear overview of a customer’s interactions with your team across channels.  

Shopify Integration

There’s a good chance you use Shopify if you’re an eCommerce brand. The Shopify SMS integration helps you streamline your Instagram Messaging workflows. 

Shopify SMS syncs data with your business SMS platform, which means you can access up-to-date order information and history as you message Instagram users. You can launch Instagram Messaging conversations right from a customer’s Shopify order and know that you’re messaging with the correct customer. 

In essence, Shopify SMS for Instagram Messaging helps you send accurate and relevant order-based content to Instagram users—delivering the seamless experience customers have come to expect. 

Zapier SMS Integration

The Zapier SMS integration is a must-have. It allows you to integrate Instagram Messaging with any of Zapier’s 1,000 third-party app partners. 

For example, you can connect your industry-specific CRM (or, for healthcare organizations, your patient information system) with Instagram Messaging, allowing the two platforms to share data. You can also allow one platform to take actions based on triggers in the other, automating Instagram messages and reducing your manual workload. 

Ultimately, Zapier SMS for Instagram Messaging empowers you to create a connected third-party app ecosystem that keeps Instagram users coming back for a seamless customer experience. 


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