10 Ways to Nurture SMS Leads

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SMS lead generation can be exciting—until your hard-earned contacts stop engaging with your business. Staying engaged with SMS leads can be time consuming but critical, especially when you know how helpful your business texting program can be for customers and potential customers.

We created this list of 10 ways to nurture your SMS leads so you can remind customers why your program is so valuable and re-interest them in your business.

In each of these instances, an SMS CRM integration can be useful. For example, where you see brackets, an advanced business texting platform can use merge tokens to insert personalized customer information based on custom fields, making your mass messages more personal than ever.  

Let’s dive in.  

SMS Leads Tip #1: Offer Help

When you start re-engaging leads, your first step should be reminding your SMS leads why they signed up for your SMS program in the first place. In many cases, they probably wanted to get the help your SMS program promised. Reaching out to provide help could be the most effective way to get a response. A template for this situation could look like this: 

Hi {{first name}}, it’s LightningFast Business Software. Following up from our conversation last month—is there anything else you’d like to learn about our product? Reply with STOP to unsubscribe.  

SMS Leads Tip #2: Send Industry-Specific Tips

Sending industry-specific tips is another great way to remind a lead about your business without sounding too salesy. Keep your tips genuinely useful so your contact doesn’t decide to opt out once he or she receives your text. A tip template could look like this:

Hey {{first name}}, Dina’s Nursery here. This winter, don’t forget to bring in your cold-sensitive plants! Text us back if you want help deciding whether to bring your favorite plants inside. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe.  

SMS Leads Tip #3: Provide VIP Access

Business SMS is also about offering exclusive deals to those who sign up for your texting services. If you can, offer a texting-list-exclusive deal to your SMS leads. A VIP template could look like this:

Hello {{first name}}, this is Jane’s Boutique. Thanks for being part of our SMS list! We’re offering 50% off to SMS customers only. Enter code TEXTING online to get your discount. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe.

SMS Leads Tip #4: Introduce a New Product

As we mentioned before, business texts should make recipients feel as though they are receiving real value from your texting service. To emphasize their VIP status, consider introducing a new product through your SMS program. A product introduction template could look like this:

Hello {{first name}}, B2B Tech Giants here. We’ve just created a new newsletter, and we’re letting our SMS service members check it before everyone else. Here’s the link >> {{link}}. Let us know what you think! Reply with STOP to unsubscribe.

SMS Leads Tip #5: Text a Holiday Greeting

Simple, fun, and direct, holiday greetings are a friendly, casual way to remind your subscribers about your business. Keep greetings short, and try to provide value where possible. A holiday greeting could look like this:

Hi there, {{first name}}, Happy Halloween from Corner Grocery! We’ve still got candy and are open until 9pm if you need a refill. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe. 

SMS Leads Tip #6: Provide a Business Update

A business update can be especially useful for warming up B2B SMS leads. This can remind them that your business is making strides. A business update could look like this:

Hi there, {{first name}}, {{agent name}} from Vegan Delights here! We wanted you to know—we just secured $40 million in additional funding. Let us know if you want more details! Reply with STOP to unsubscribe. 

SMS Leads Tip #7: Invite Them to an Event

If your marketing team has set up a cool event, or your sales team has decided to host one, consider inviting your SMS leads. An event invitation is a great reason to reach back out to contacts and entice them into coming out for an evening of networking or shopping. An event invitation might look like this:

Hello, {{first name}}, heads up that our {{nearest store location}} store is hosting a free happy hour next Thursday! Text C to reserve your spot. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe. 

SMS Leads Tip #8: Narrow Your Targeting

You can yield very high reply rates by using small lists and merge tokens to send highly targeted messages. Use as much customization as possible in these messages. 

Hi, {{first name}}, we hope you enjoyed your experience with {{staff attendee}} on {{date of last appointment}}. Are you ready to book your next appointment? Reply with STOP to unsubscribe. 

SMS Leads Tip #9: Ask for Feedback

If a lead still isn’t answering, you have to consider that perhaps your business texting program simply isn’t providing value for them. If this is the case, don’t despair; try asking for feedback to see how your business can improve. A feedback request might look like this:  

Hi, {{first name}}, we noticed you haven’t texted in a while. Would you mind leaving our team feedback so we can improve our SMS service for you? You’ll find the survey here >> {{survey link}}. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe. 

SMS Leads Tip #10: Offer the Opportunity to Opt Out

At the end of the day, not all your SMS leads will be interested in your program. (And in the worst case, someone might have retired their phone number, opening it up for someone else to use.) After a predetermined length of time, ask your customers whether they want to opt out. An opt-out template might look like this:

Hi {{first name}}, you haven’t been in touch for a while. Would you like to opt out of our texting program? Reply with STOP to unsubscribe, or text us back to let us know what you’re thinking. 


Need more ideas for SMS lead generation or nurturing your SMS leads? Check out our blog for inspiration.   

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