5 SMS Campaigns to Keep Customers’ Spirits Up (and Your Brand Top of Mind) Mid-Winter

Customer reading winter SMS campaign messages

There aren’t too many big holidays in January, February, or March. This time of year can be difficult for your leads and customers, who are looking for a little cheer during the darkest days of the year. Winter SMS campaigns are a great way to keep customers’ spirits up—and ensure your brand is on their minds. 

SMS campaigns are easy to set up. Your team can create one or more templates, leaving room for custom fields like first names. Then, your team can choose a sending schedule and a list of recipients. As your business SMS platform sends the texts on your specified date, it will insert the custom fields into each individual message. (Of course, don’t forget to text only opted-in customers.)

So what kind of cheery SMS campaigns can you send to customers this winter? Let’s dive in. 

Positive Messaging SMS Campaign

There’s nothing like a simple, positive message to light up someone’s day. Consider texting customers with sayings or bright messages a few times throughout winter. Here are some examples of positive messaging SMS templates: 

Don’t worry — you’ve almost made it to shorts weather! Check out the Bohemian Boutique lookbook on our website to start planning your warm-weather wardrobe. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

The Great Lakes Books team hopes you’re enjoying this perfect reading weather! Looking for a book to cozy up with? Text us your last favorite read and we’ll give you a recommendation. Text ENDTEXT to unsubscribe. 

Only one month to go until springtime! 🌼 Planning an adventure for the warm weather? Text us your plans and your Twitter handle, and we may share them on our Outdoor Tribe account! Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Success Story SMS Campaign

Certain companies, like gyms and weight-loss businesses, need to focus on inspiring customers to continue their programs. SMS campaigns that feature success stories are a fast, easy way to engage and motivate customers. This is especially the case in the winter, when they may not even be able to make it to your center for a consultation or workout. Here are some examples of success story SMS templates: 

Hi {{client}}, Trainer Joe here. I know winter is a tough time for working out. But it can boost your mood! Last winter, my client Jane used her jogging goals to get her through the winter. It helped her to have something to work toward. Text me if you want a copy of her workout plan! Text STOP to unsubscribe.  

Hiya {{client}}, winter is my LEAST favorite time of year. But two years ago, I realized that it’s the perfect time for making delicious soups! I’ve emailed you a few recipes if you’d like to try them out. — Sammy, your personal food guru 🌸  Text ENDALL to unsubscribe.

Hi there {{client}}, the weather outside is frightful, but dressing up can be delightful! Check your Style Service Box account for the 7 dressy lounge outfits I put together for you this week. Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Fun Polling SMS Campaign

Polls are always popular with clients. Who doesn’t like their voice to be heard? Jazz up your usual polls with a little cold-weather inspiration. Here are some examples of fun polling SMS templates: 

Hi {{client}}, Jet Shoes is taking a poll: which are the best for wearing in the house during the winter, socks or slippers? Text us your answer, and we’ll send you the poll results when it ends tonight! Text STOP to unsubscribe.  

It’s dreary outside — which is why Happy Donuts is letting customers like you choose next week’s feature donut! Which would you prefer: graham cracker and marshmallow madness or chocolate with peppermint sprinkles? Text END to unsubscribe.

Winter’s not all bad…that’s why we’re asking customers to share their favorite winter activities! What’s yours, skiing, reading by the fire, or something else? We’ll post the results on the Bay Area Outdoor website! Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Winter Pro Tips SMS Campaign

You may already send pro tips to your clients. Give them a wintery twist to pique clients’ interest and keep them engaged. Here are some examples of winter pro tip SMS templates: 

It may be cold outside, {{customer name}}, but that’s nothing a little hot drink won’t cure! Check out your Winebox subscription app for our favorite mulled wine recipe. Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Brrrr, {{customer name}} — it sure is chilly in {{store region}}. Don’t forget that Madetough Jackets will fix any rips in your outerwear for free! Just text REPAIR and we can get you started. Stay warm! ❄️ Text STOP to unsubscribe.

Think it’s too cold for summer marketing, {{client name}}? Alex Creative wants to remind you that this is the perfect time to get started on any warm-weather campaigns! Let us know if you need any support. Text STOP to unsubscribe. 

Inside Look at the Team SMS Campaign

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a great trend took off: inside looks at teams working from home. Pictures of teams weathering out the pandemic from home brought businesses and customers, who were suffering the same conditions, together. You can still use team photos to help customers understand that you’re on the same page. Here are some examples of inside look SMS templates: 

Think it’s freezing? Me and the customer service team agree! But don’t worry — we’re ready at all times throughout the snowstorm to take your texted requests. Text STOP to unsubscribe.
Gif of Ron Swanson frowning in winter coat

Here at DogBox, we know how important a good dog bed is. Team dog Riley says she recommends the biggest version for your pets! You can add one to your next order if you’d like. Text END to unsubscribe.
Fluffy white dog in office chair, looking at tablet


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