Customers have multiple choices in today’s retail environment. A qualified associated can not only drive a sale, but create a long term customer. Heymarket business text messaging makes it simple, and immediate, for your store to interact with customers at the exact moment they’re interested in a product or service. We provide you with a real text messaging solution for retail.

With a 98% open rate, text messaging makes it simple to engage with customers and allows them to contact your store with questions about in stock products, hours of operation, sales, discounts and more.

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Omnichannel messaging

Keep Applicants Updated

Provide regular, text messaging updates to applicants as they proceed through the process. Send reminders for providing paperwork, an upcoming interview, or simply provide a number they can text with questions.

Texting to Schedule Interviews and Send Reminders

Recruiters can use a Heymarket template with a scheduled message to remind candidates the day before and morning of an interview. Heymarket can automatically personalize each message with the candidate’s name and interview location.

Notifying Candidates of New Jobs

As new job openings become available, notify multiple candidates at the same time with a single message. They won’t see each other and can reply privately to you. Templates can be personalized with each candidate’s name and other information.

Keep Your Team Updated

Share Heymarket messages and inboxes with your recruiting team. They can read messages and reply with customizable signatures. It’s a great way to ensure your team never loses track of candidates. You can even assign individual candidate chats to people on your team.

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Text with your customers to improve customer service and drive sales. Get started with business text messaging in just minutes.