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Businesses ran to adopt the digital channels customers wanted to use during the pandemic and beyond. Now, customers can simply text a business when they have a question and quickly start a conversation. But without thinking through how to support customers over messaging, businesses risk letting customers fall through the cracks. Businesses need conversational support.

What is conversational support?

Conversational support is answering customers’ questions through one-to-one messaging conversations with real people. It’s that same great experience you have at your local shop, but available anytime, anywhere, across all of your customers’ preferred channels.

A strong conversational support experience will keep customers from switching to competitors, build trust, and help sustain revenue over time.

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"Trust is built in two layers in the messaging landscape: it’s engaging consumers on the channels they prefer, and it’s showing that you know them. The best, most differentiated businesses will get to a place where every time customers reach out, they’ll feel like they have this personal connection with the business."

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Chris Piwinski

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Twilio

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Why a conversational support strategy?

Answering customers quickly, personally, and consistently across all messaging channels takes more than just opening the channel. To offer conversational support, you need to carefully plan how your team can meet your customers’ unique needs using messaging. Then you need to execute on your plan in a repeatable, scalable way that will grow with your messaging volume.

Create your conversational support strategy

Businesses need guidance for building a conversational support strategy from the ground up. So the Heymarket team compiled this guide, using everything we’ve learned from helping thousands of businesses better engage with customers through messaging.

We include guidance from messaging experts and examples from leading brands who have successfully launched conversational support. Using this guide, you will have everything you need to create a conversational support strategy for your own business.

You’ll learn:

  • What conversational support is
  • How to create a conversational support strategy
  • How to implement the strategy (including hands-on worksheets)
  • How to message customers securely and compliantly
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