Re-Engaging Subscription Customers via Business SMS

Customer responding to business SMS message

Re-engaging customers is an art—especially for subscription companies. First, you need to choose a convenient and appropriate communication channel so customers will actually consider responding. Next, you have to create content that gets them excited about your service. Finally, you have to send it at the right time during their subscription cycle. 

Luckily, business SMS platforms make customer re-engagement easy for subscription companies. Texts are so convenient for customers that they have a 98% open rate. Their format encourages marketers to create short, snappy content. Plus, business SMS platforms offer efficiency tools, like SMS drip campaigns, to help your team manage long-term engagement. 

Read on to learn how to re-engage subscription customers via business SMS. 

Send Valuable Content via Business SMS Regularly

The best way to re-engage subscription customers is to send them interactive content regularly. (Keep in mind, however, that sending content too often may lead to customers unsubscribing from your SMS lists.) Encourage customers to get involved and connect with your team through educational and valuable texts specifically crafted to elicit reactions. 

Your team can engage subscription customers with:

  • Product or service updates that invite feedback
  • Polls and surveys (be sure to share the results!)
  • Unique use cases or customer success stories

Regular business SMS content may look like the following example:

Hi there {{customer name}}, did you know that Spa Box has just released a special holiday-themed subscription box? Check out the option in your customer portal. Text us with your vote, or text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

You can easily automate your SMS content with an SMS drip campaign. An SMS drip campaign allows you to schedule out texts for the future. Any replies arrive in your shared inbox, where you can quickly reply. If you choose intentionally interactive content, customers will be more likely to reply and cultivate top-notch, long-term relationships with your team. 

Check In via Text Before the Renewal Period

Your customer’s subscription may renew on a quarterly or annual basis. If that’s the case, consider sending customer service content a certain period of time before customers’ renewal dates. This content should welcome customers to reach out and connect with your customer service team. 

As customers’ renewal dates approach, your team can send:

  • General product feedback requests
  • Custom advice based on recorded usage or stats (if applicable)
  • Personalized follow-ups with agents who have engaged with customer questions in the past

A check-in sent through business SMS may look like the following example:

Hi {{customer name}}, this is Amy from PuppyMeals. Since you’ve been a customer with us for three months, I’m wondering how you like the product so far! Is there anything I can do to make your experience woof-tastic? Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

If your customers have been experiencing any problems or haven’t quite gotten what they wanted out of your product, there’s a good chance that they’ll take this opportunity to connect with your team. After your customer service agents provide top-notch customer service, your customers will look forward to your product’s newfound value—and their renewal date. 

Include Additional Information in Renewal Texts

Renewal notifications can be stressful for customers who forgot that a payment was due. But if you word your renewal text correctly, you can assuage any worries—and get customers excited about your product again. 

In your renewal texts, you team can include:

  • The latest product update information (that affects your customers’ subscription level)
  • Links to case studies or positive subscription buzz
  • A reminder that customers can reach out for personal tips or training at any time

A renewal notification sent through business SMS may look like the following example:

Hi {{customer name}}, your subscription payment went through! We’re glad you’ll be with FitClothes for another year. If you haven’t tried them yet, here are our latest features:

-Weekly pause options
-Gift-a-month member feature
-In-app meal plan recommendations for different sports! 

Text STOP to stop receiving texts. 

Customers will welcome a well-rounded text that includes a notification and useful information about how they can use your product for months to come.


Want more tips for re-engaging customers via business SMS? Check out our blog.

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