Business Text Messaging with Android

Shortly after Heymarket was first released, a number people with Android phones began asking for Heymarket support. To provide the best possible experience, we designed our text service for business from the ground-up for Android. That includes leveraging common Android gestures like long press, icons like the floating action bar, and of course material design.

Heymarket android app screen showing lists

We’re excited that Heymarket is now available for Android. You can install it from Google Play. As an Android messaging user, you’ll immediately feel at home in Heymarket. The CRM features people love are all there: notes, contacts, lists, and templates—all shareable with your team. The app also includes integration with your Google Contacts and Calendar. And of course Heymarket provides you with a professional, 2nd number for work and seamlessly syncs with Heymarket Web on your computer.

We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think.

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