New: Heymarket Business Text Messaging Available in Zendesk Support

Heymarket app in Zendesk.

We’re excited to announce that Heymarket’s business text messaging platform is now available in Zendesk Support. This topbar app empowers teams to read and reply to customer SMS while still in the Zendesk agent interface.

The Heymarket widget in Zendesk Support offers quick access to the most commonly used business texting features within Zendesk, including:

  • Templates (the SMS version of Zendesk macros) of commonly used messages, along with their merge tokens.
  • Scheduled messages, which allow team members to automatically send follow-up messages to customers.
  • Reminders for when another ticket or a meeting has your attention; you can set a reminder and Heymarket will notify you at the appropriate time to follow up.
  • Emojis, because everyone loves emojis.

Heymarket also keeps track of which Zendesk contact record each text message conversation is associated with. This way, your agents always have a complete, 360-degree view of each customer conversation.

The topbar app is available today from the Zendesk Marketplace.

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