12 Introductory Business SMS Templates

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We see this scenario often: you’ve set up your business texting platform, text-enabled your landline, and added a widget to your website. But when the first text message from a customer lands in your shared inbox, you realize that you haven’t decided how to answer.  

The first texts you send your customers are key to starting off your texting relationship on the right foot. Before sending any personal texts from agents, your business should send an autoreply that confirms opt ins and lets customers know how to opt out. In an additional introductory text, your agents should announce who they are, who they work for, and why they’re texting. 

While this seems like a straightforward process, introductory texts can differ depending on a lot of factors. For example, a startup might want to use a different tone than an established enterprise. A customer service team might want to use different content than a sales team. 

Because the art of the introductory text can be challenging to master, we’ve rounded up 12 business SMS templates, for both the initial opt-in confirmation and introductory texts from each of your teams. 

Introductory Business SMS Templates To Confirm SMS Opt-Ins

When any customer texts your business with an opt-in keyword or provides their information via a web form, they should be sent an automatic confirmation. This ensures that you’re adhering to applicable regulations, that customers know what texts from your business will look like in the future, and that customers will understand how to opt out. After you craft your opt-in SMS template, you can quickly set up your business texting platform to automatically personalize and send the message when a customer texts in with the appropriate keyword. 

Hello, {{first name}}, you’ve opted in to SMS notifications from {{business name}}. Please reply to confirm. You can text STOP at any time to unsubscribe.

Hey, {{first name}}, this is {{business name}}. Thanks for opting in for SMS updates! You can reply to confirm, or text STOP at any time to unsubscribe.

Hi there, {{first name}}, {{business name}} here! You’ve opted in to receive texts from our VIP texting program. Reply to confirm, or text STOP and we’ll stop texting you immediately. 

Introductory Business SMS Templates For Customer Service

When a customer opts in from another channel, like through a web form, businesses should send a confirmation text, as you’ll see in our first example. Later, it’s still appropriate for SMS customer service teams to add a quick reminder to any initial notifications. These text message templates can be saved within your business text messaging platform, so that SMS customer service agents can quickly send them when needed. 

Hey, {{first name}}, this is {{agent}} from {{business name}}. Thanks for opting in for SMS updates. Reply with STOP at any time to stop receiving further messages.

Hello, {{first name}}, this is {{agent name}} from {{business}}. You’ve got your first appointment with us on {{appointment date}} at {{appointment time}}. Please reply to confirm or to reschedule. You’ve opted into our texting services, but please reply with STOP if you’d like to unsubscribe from SMS notifications.

Hi there, {{first name}}, {{agent}} here. I’d love to help you with your {{action}}. Feel free to text me at this number. If you’d like to switch to another format, please check out our contact options here >> {{URL for Contact Us page}}. Reply with STOP at any time to stop receiving further messages from us.

Introductory Business SMS Templates For Dispatch 

Dispatch teams have to regularly coordinate with customers and field workers (often contractors) regarding deliveries. These messages can start from either the business’s side or the customer’s side, but either way, operations team members should introduce themselves so customers know exactly with whom they’re connecting. Business SMS templates make it easier for dispatch teams to maintain their company’s branding, even when dealing with a real-time logistical problem. 

Hello, {{first name}}, this is {{delivery person name}} from {{business}}. I’m outside {{customer address}} with your delivery. Where can I meet you? Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.

Hi there, {{first name}}, {{agent}} from {{business}} here. I’m sorry that your delivery hasn’t arrived. Can you give me your address and order number? Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.

Hey, {{first name}}, this is {{agent}} from {{business}}. Apologies for the {{delivery problem}}! Please let me know what your address is and we can get started on reordering for you. Reply with STOP to stop receiving messages.

Introductory Business SMS Templates For Sales Teams

Sales teams often find it effective to communicate with leads via text message. After all, 90% of leads would rather be texted than called. Sales teams should be particularly sure that their leads have opted in via a web form or a texted-in keyword before writing them. Then, in their business SMS template, they should include introductory information as well as a recap if they talked to that lead earlier. Text message templates ensure that sales teams maintain their branding while pursuing key deals. 

Hi there {{first name}}, this is {{agent}} from {{business}}. I noticed you showed interest in our new product via a Facebook ad yesterday. Are you interested in being a beta tester?

Hey {{first name}}, {{agent}} from {{business}} here. We talked yesterday about the {{product}}. Do you have any more questions for me, or are you ready to start a free trial?

Hello {{first name}}! {{agent}} from {{business}} here. I noticed that you indicated that you prefer to text with me instead of email, which is great. SMS is way faster. Did you decide whether you wanted to {{action}} yet?


Ready to put these business SMS templates to good use? Try our business text messaging platform for free today. 


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